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Corrosion in battery terminals...


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16 minutes ago, Externet said:

Good day.

Corroded Battery Terminal Problem - YouTube

Typical image from the web on automotive battery.  Cleaning with wet hot baking soda is effective, the something-impregnated felt disks work well,

Universal 20pcs Anti-Corrosion Car Battery Terminal Washers-Bag Felt ...


What household product is also effective to keep the corrosion away  ?

Petroleum jelly is the classic way, I believe.

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Thank you.  The same way the impregnated felt discs that work very well by 'proximity' without covering the metals  ?

Applying a grease/vaseline covers/shields the metal from fumes? to avoid the corrosion;  fluids applied do something different more in the neutralizing the fumes action, and the felt rings work in some other way I do not know.   A pertinent patent mentions lithium grease + sodium bicarbonate + magnesium oxide 🤨 as the chemicals that impregnate the felt pads.

Would felt impregnated in weak household ammonia perform ?

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 Longterm prevention, if you're getting the corrosion on the negative terminal, is to run the engine at idle without accessories running for a couple minutes each day.  This can prevent undercharge, which is the root cause of the buildup.  If corrosion is on positive terminal then it's overcharging.  IIRC that's less common.

Either way, a failing alternator can cause incorrect charging and so corrosion to increase.  Vented sulfuric acid vapor is reacting with the copper terminal and forming copper sulfate.  So, as others note, petrolatum is a good way to seal off the copper.

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