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Status update how to post in it please

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12 minutes ago, iNow said:

Don’t bother. Nobody reads them anyway 

That's not true. I read them, and then I think, should I do that? And then I don't.


I just updated my status, and I'll put in a note with the Admins that not everybody sees the links in their profiles. On the home page, https://www.scienceforums.net/ , to the right side under Topics is a section called Recent Status Updates. Under that, my screen has a prompt that says "What's on your mind?" that lets me post a Status Update from there.

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26 minutes ago, Existential Dreams said:

Mine doesn't have  that either,  

I checked a few accounts, and it looks like both you and geordief can't use Status Updates. It's probably something you have checked off that limits other's ability to post on your page, including yourselves. It's not a newbie thing. I can post to other people's Status pages, but for yours and geordief's, those fields don't appear. I would make sure you haven't disabled this ability on your end, and I'll have an Admin take a look on the back end.

Edit to add: if you Edit Profile, under your birthday is a toggle for enabling Status Updates. Make sure that's switched on.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for all the help got it i can post now 

Sorry about that  lol  it was in the profile under birthday  toggled off 

just tried to post test and still cant see it 


its works now 


Edited by Existential Dreams
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