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  1. Works now 

    1. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Your status is, you got a new job? That's fantastic, congrats!

  2. Thank you for all the help got it i can post now Sorry about that lol it was in the profile under birthday toggled off just tried to post test and still cant see it edit: its works now
  3. I'd like to but i am unable to do basic x table at the moment but i am thinking of going back to College to try and to learn and get help from learning support
  4. I followed the link and its just like this no way to input anything regardless of clicking? i clicked my activity then status updates
  5. i am a new member, maybe it's my rank as i can't see it but thank you
  6. Can someone tell me how to use the status update please ??? , i cant understand it and i have been looking everywhere on how to do it 😡
  7. My emotions i can switch off and deal with things later , I have Borderline Personality Disorder and i can do that and deal with it later as in helping others who need help or at lest try to weather its awareness( i can do this online ) of what is going on I make my voice matter i speak for those who can't. ( online ) There are charities looking for volunteers( i cant do for my own reasons ) and i make awareness they need Volunteers ( i can do this )
  8. yeah, i know some people have called her a gift for Starmer and labour , all they now need is a cake
  9. I can see this from a few angles , I lost my Stepdad to suicide nearly 12 years ago I have tried Ending my life a few times And have multiple mental health conditions I now wish to live And try to deal with my mental health issues every day And also help others people being negative towards people who try to end their lives will only make matters worse will make them feel why are they here , no one loves me , etc Being Neutral and being informing to people who are trying to end their lives , what every condition tell them things that can help like CBT . Or therapy , how to deal with triggers and upset , tools to help them ground themselves etc giving them the tools to keep going and to deal with what is going on in their heads like therapy, Medication , Things to avoid feeling so bad and keeping as busy as you can and call a helpline or asking for help get a support worker etc now because i have the tools to deal with how i feel i can use the tools But you have to want to use the tools to help yourself if you dont use the tools things will go backwards and i see my Psych every Three months just to check in , i still have a long way to go * i cant go out the house on my own due to my anxiety and OCD at the moment or even go on a bus for very long but i am working on it with my support workers and be on my own is very upsetting for me *
  10. Can i ask if there are any rules about Spelling and Grammar , due to the fact i have dyslexia and other learning issues but would like to be a part of the forum and be a member here in the long term
  11. The two new clones that looking to replace him are a joke , some voters who voted for Conservatives are going to vote for labour now because of who might be left in the job of prime minster .
  12. Why take office of President of USA if you are going through Cancer or had treatment for cancer in the first place ? He doesn't seem fit for the role he is in , he is unfit for office and issues that are going on around the world , look at the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan for example . * sorry about Spelling and grammar, i have dyslexia and other learning issues
  13. Hi New here interested in learning philosophy and other subjects i live in Edinburgh, Scotland Not done learning for a long time due to mental health but would like to know more about the universe and maybe debate meaning of existence , i do have issues to spelling and Grammar i hope It's OK to be here
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