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Slower than light warp drive

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Is slower than light warp drive possible? Maybe we are passing up a possibility that would open up the solar system without the negative mass required to go faster than light?

I couldn't find much on the idea but Sabine Hossenfelder mentions it in this video at about 02:30.  




Conceptually, we demonstrate that any warp drive, including the Alcubierre drive, is a shell of regular or exotic material moving inertially with a certain velocity. Therefore, any warp drive requires propulsion. We show that a class of subluminal, spherically symmetric warp drive spacetimes, at least in principle, can be constructed based on the physical principles known to humanity today


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8 hours ago, beecee said:

First I have heard of Sabine...I love the rather "thick" pronunciation of Einstein.

Interesting video.

I am rather fond of Sabine, she cuts through the gobbledygook and makes her field understandable. As a bonus she sings, often about science.  

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