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Heaven - Rebirth as a Dog or Cat

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35 minutes ago, RamaRaksha said:

To me the Christian/Islamic God is none other than their local King/Dictator is plain to see - the same rewarding of loyalty - you are either loyal to me or else - Master/Slave religions

This Wiley Miller cartoon summarizes it pretty well:



@Phi for All can no longer say I owe the community in jokes. I've posted three today and debated on a physics thread that is itself a joke.

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6 hours ago, MigL said:

I would let it go, but Phi is picky.
I think he wants your own material, not other people's jokes, or ridiculous threads.

We are all waiting …

I'm not a comedian, but I play one on scienceforums.net ;) 

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17 hours ago, RamaRaksha said:

Not really - there is no magic Accountant in the sky rewarding/punishing us for our acts.

Indeed, we're more than capable of punishing ourselves; it's ironic that you chose here to preach, no-one here believes in God's (well, almost no-one), and the irony is inflated by your insistence that your message is the only one that counts.

People find happiness in all sorts of unusual place's, would you deny them that contentment? Just because you're righteously indignant about your lack of a smile.

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