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  1. Agree with you totally on the last part - we made religions, we created our Gods To me the Christian/Islamic God is none other than their local King/Dictator is plain to see - the same rewarding of loyalty - you are either loyal to me or else - Master/Slave religions Back in the day if your king was weak and/or disinterested and you see a neighboring King taking better care of his citizens, you might seek refuge under him and the first thing that King would ask for is your loyalty - a slave may serve only one master - in a violent world where enemies are everywhere, no King is going
  2. Again this idea that there is some way we get to live the easy good Retired life somewhere - whether we call it Nirvana or Heaven - is only possible right here on earth A Tree has little or no brain - it feels no pain - some trees live for thousands of years longer than even the Pyramids were built - free food falls from the sky - Heaven! The lesser the brain, the less pain & suffering & vice versa We have a bigger brain - ideas come rushing in - my health, my job, my country, my loved ones, their well-being, my dreams, my hopes - all of this comes with Pain & suffer
  3. The point of the post is that there is only one World - this one! No running away and hiding in some magic land in the sky. God is not a Sugar Daddy, He is not running a Retirement Home in the sky. So those vermin is YOU or your friends, buddy We are not talking Einstein here - my post is not confusing - it is not pleasing
  4. The point is that Heaven is a fantasy - we are not going to get EVERYTHING we wish for in a fantasy Have you seen Twilight zone episodes where the guy thinks he made a good deal and then finds that there is a catch to such a deal? Same way - despite all that life or God has taught us millions view God as their ticket to the easy good life - just sit about sponging off him for eternity! How does that make any sense? Why would God be a servant to billions and keep them in comfort, tending to their pleasures of the flesh? But that is the life that people want, and they will ge
  5. The Dog issue - Just what I wrote - please don't read anything in it - I am not that complicated As for being reincarnated as some other animal - yes you can - I picked a Dog because we can see it satisfies the conditions of heaven - some nice being nicely taking good care of us, nothing to do but lie about all day and enjoy the easy good life wow all that just by using a capital letter - boy you are deep But that's what religious hate does The rules are life's rules - that we all abide by. You know that you can't stay in the nest all your life - you will have to
  6. Hi: Most people know that Hindus believe that we might come back as lower life forms - bugs, animals I want to correct some misconceptions on this issue First, these ideas were not limited to Hindus alone - we don't do that - We are ALL God's Children and His/Her rules apply equally to ALL of us Second, most religions view God as a Master - reward(Heaven) & punishment(Hell) is how he operates. Hindus view God as a Parent/Teacher - a Parent/Teacher instructs, Teaches but does not punish So, being reborn as a Dog or a cat is not a punishment but a Choice that we made of o
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