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  1. True; but I question the people who more harshly or disdainfully judge a guy like me who steps on bugs often for no reason versus someone who trophy hunts or even fishes recreationally. Not only are those activities more premeditated, they require one to have the stomach for causing and witnessing much greater suffering caused as a result of their own actions. Imagine watching an intelligent creature such as an elephant in its death throes or struggling to breathe after being shot. There is very palpable distress and emotion... that some people seem not to mind.
  2. That's an interesting take on it. Why is the act of specifically stepping on them condemned, I wonder. Is it because death by a gigantic foot is more certain than fishing? If the intent to kill is the problem... I wonder if we could reasonably compare stepping on bugs to trophy hunting. In that activity, death is pretty certain. Like recreational fishing it is a socially acceptable "hobby," except this one involves killing some pretty intelligent and sometimes endangered animals... for really no good reason except for a thrill and showing off. Reasons I would also say are more quest
  3. Is it possible that I may be discounting external motivations to sport fishing that are at least as legitimate or redeemable to those which influence the kind of attention I give bugs? Yes. But let me attempt to shed that bias, and I struggle to see an equivalency or parallels. Whether I go to raise my sneaker above an army of hungry ants, or step on a spider, or smash a pesky bee, the goal is often to repel or destroy unwanted invaders either because they are annoying, may sting or bite, or in the case of spiders, are just creepy. Sport fishers aren't trying to repel invaders, though.
  4. Off the top of my head I only know a couple people who fish; one is a friend who I know squashes all spiders on sight and will flick or swat down any flying insect that is bothersome. I doubt either would object to the style of attention I give bugs. As to the cruelty of sport fishing: its cruelty seems almost sinister by contrast. It's literally hurting animals to "pass the time." This is called a "hobby." When it comes to bugs, it's more habit than hobby. Plus, when I eliminate a spider or ants, it's often a solution to a problem... perhaps a lazy one, but there is often some utility
  5. Firstly, I'm the kind of guy who steps on bugs, not around them. If there's a bug in my house; I don't "rescue it." I squash it, then flush it. So, that's my very non-objective starting off point on the subject, and I just want to be upfront about that. With that said, on to the meat and potatoes: Over the course of time I have noticed a small number of people who immediately dislike it when I step on bugs, with varying degrees of distaste. Some examples: I'm at a restaurant and a creepy looking spider is crawling on the floor near my seat, so I quietly slide my foot over and crunch
  6. Every patient has the right to refuse treatment. However, I am for strongly encouraging vaccinations by prohibiting service, participation, or traveling when applicable.
  7. Everyone will say scishow which is a pop science meme show but SEA is a good one for space related stuff. Also PBS has a space program that a physicist hosts.
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