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23 minutes ago, Johnny W. Hulsey said:

I’m looking for a composite or natural material that’s very light, and can be heated to a high temperature with propane gas, then gas turned off and put unit into a small contained area to act as a heater. Weight is an important factor.


Welcome Johnny.

What you need is a high heat capacity material that won't boil or burn so a metal flask ofwater is out.

A brick or concrete block springs to mind as does a piece of cast iron.

You also say that weight is a consideration, but don't say whether you want more or less weight.

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I think light weight is rather incompatible with high heat capacity. 

You might be better looking at something like those chemical hand warmers. One type uses the latent heat of crystallisation and is reusable by heating. 


Maybe if you tell us the application, someone will have some better ideas. 

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