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A solution to the mystery of dark matter and dark energy

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DM and DE remain legitimate explanations to our theory of gravity, with evidence [that you continue to ignore] for DM now overwhelming. Your apparent continued rant does not change that: Only evidence that shows otherwise will. And that as yet, you have none. Unsupported claims and pseudoscientific claims from your "Blaze Labs" link do nothing to change that.

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36 minutes ago, dung pham said:


The objects are accidentally located at position M3 and have a G3 value. Have G3  >  0 and the object will push away. Dark energy comes from here


Come from where absolutely nothing in this diagram even remotely describes an equation of state representing DE.  

 I won't bother repeating all the unanswered questions posted by others

 Try reading some of the links provided by Beecee you might actually learn something representing physics.

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6 hours ago, dung pham said:

I suppose you are insulting him and inadvertently you offend Thomas Edison as he only finished second grade and was expelled.

Evidence of G is very much. You take the time to use google and you will find



Another crackpot.

If you cannot find any valid science to support your claim, perhaps you should reconsider it?

In the meantime, how about answering some questions:

1) Please show that your idea reproduces the observed orbital velocities in galaxy clusters and galaxies. (Note: your reply needs to be quantitative: using mathematics to show the values predicted by your idea and comparing those with the observed data. Not just more claims.)

2) Please show quantitatively (using mathematics) that the gas around galaxies has the right density to cause the lensing predicted by GR.

3) Please explain why there is no dispersion if this is caused by refraction.

4) Please explain how gravitational lensing is caused by dark matter even in the absence of galaxies or any visible matter.

5) Please explain quantitatively (using mathematics) how the observed large structure of the universe forms in the absence of dark matter.

If you cannot answer questions like this, then this thread is pointless (ie. you are not doing science) and we can ask the mods to close it.


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Moderator Note

We've had a last chance and no more evidence. Thread closed. 

If you disagree you may report this post. 

If you're the original poster and report this post it is unlikely to get anywhere without answers to the questions nicely laid out by Strange in the post above. 

Do not reintroduce this topic.


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