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A little bit fishy.

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requiring such math classes is cruel and unusual, but as long as we're not being punished proper, so much as being pointlessly tormented, it's not unconstitutional. Therefore, In the US, we must suffer through four years of evil fishy riddles

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For goodness sake here. Look the fish weighs 1lb plus half it's weight ( 1lb ) half of 1lb is 8 oz( 0.5lb)...right so it weighs 1.5lb yeh? If it weighs what it weighs plus half of that then it weighs 1.5lb to the answer ga ga

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How much does a fish weigh if it weighs 1 pound plus half its own weight?



It's easy. The fish weighs 'one pound plus half it's own weight'. So it weighs half its own weight plus one pound. So its weight (x) = 1 + 0.5x


x - 0.5x = 1


0.5x = 1


x = 1/0.5


x = 2 = fish's weight.

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