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Best Sci-Fi Series


Best Sci-Fi Series?  

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  1. 1. Best Sci-Fi Series?

    • Babylon 5
    • Star Trek: TOS
    • Star Trek: TNG
    • Star Trek: DS9
    • Star Trek: Voyager
    • Star Trek: Enterprise
    • X-Files
    • Earth: Final Conflict
    • Farscape
    • Lexx
    • Firefly
    • Battlestar Galactica (Old)
    • Battlestar Galactica (New)
    • Andromeda
    • Stargate: SG1
    • Stargate: Atlantis
    • Other

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TOS is too haphazard, and rather rubbish for the most part.

TNG is too happy happy america, as it were.

DS9 is too derivative.

Voy is too, well, rubbish.

Ditto, Enterprise.

X-Files started well, then collapsed.

Never watched E:FC

Ditto Farscape

Lexx could and should have been much better; they never really got over the gimmickery.

Firefly never had a chance to get going.


So we're left with B5.


Which, excluding Crusade and the first 1/2 of S5, was great.

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Originally posted by Sayonara³

There isn't a lot I don't like about TNG, but the poll question was "Which is the best Sci Fi series", and it isn't.


Cool; so what's yours?


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Originally posted by daisy

My husband likes "Voyager" - could it be 7 of 9? Yes, most definitely it could. ;)


hehe, i watched it before she was in it, now that she is, if the show were to restart (becuase i have seen alot of the first episodes) i dont think i could watch it without her in it :D


good show tho, dunno why people say its the reject of the star trek series.

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Guest SyntaXVB5

Sci-Fi movies tend to get a little stupid when they are sequals to non-Sci-Fc movies.. like Jason X.. and The Leprichaun in space

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SG1 is at 7 seasons this autumn, so longer than B5. However B5 could not possibly be considered a miniseries as these are usually 6 hours or less in total.


SG1 really should have been on the list.

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blike again (4:35:28 PM): i am downloading a babylon 5 show right now

fafaIone (4:35:36 PM): :D

fafaIone (4:35:38 PM): best show ever

blike again (4:35:45 PM): yea, i heard

blike again (4:35:51 PM): which one is your favirote episdoe

fafaIone (4:36:21 PM): the big battle by coriana 6

fafaIone (4:36:43 PM): but you should really watch it from the beginning of the 2nd season at least, otherwise you won't understand half of it

fafaIone (4:37:07 PM): its one of the shows where if you don't know what happened in the previous seasons you'll be lost

blike again (4:37:10 PM): thanks for the tip

blike again (4:37:14 PM): your fruity faggot

fafaIone (4:37:30 PM): ...

blike again (4:37:52 PM): do you think i would actually watch that crap

blike again (4:37:59 PM): you moron i just wanted to get a rise out of you

fafaIone (4:38:02 PM): lots of straight people like babylon 5

fafaIone (4:38:07 PM): :/

blike again (4:38:11 PM): too bad your not one of them

fafaIone (4:38:27 PM): k, ttyl.

blike again signed off at 4:38:31 PM. [blocked]

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