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  1. It's been a while since I visited SFN, but I can offer some wisdom, that is, create some articles during the weekend. WiSci looks promising. I have two questions/requests, and excuse my laziness Seems like there are many guidelines to follow in submitting an article. Is there a numbered list/strict guidelines somewhere to follow when submitting an article? [edit] Would this be it? http://www.wisci.org/wiki/WiSci:Style_guidelines But what's this with peer reviewing and such? Will WiSci be kept strictly to Pure Sciences, or can Applied Sciences/Engineering articles be created t
  2. I'm quite interested in strings too, and I'll be heading to the public talks. Maybe I will ask Leonard Susskind to sign my physics book too
  3. I'm from the Toronto area, and afaik, HS courses are credited the same. In fact, many grade 10's and 11's take grade 11 and 12 courses during this time, to lighten their workload for the fall and winter semesters. What type of jobs are you looking to apply for? If general labour, then they don't care much for what you're taking anyways. I think the reading lists should be approximately the same, since the curricula are the same throughout the school board anyways. Feel free to ask more questions. After all, it'll happen alot in English
  4. NSX


    I wasn't able to find any links online, but the University of Waterloo has/had an interesting shirt; my former high school math teacher wore it one day. On the front and back of the shirt, Physics formulas are written all over, and it basically looks like a scribble of writting. It's funny because the font seems hand-written, and the size is maybe 12 at most. It's quite amazing.
  5. What they mean is that there is an error term, on the order of x2 and order of x, in reference to the last line ofc. Since you are taking the limit as x approaches 0, x will become very small, so x2 << 1, and x << 1/3. Thus, they are negligible, and can be tossed away.
  6. NSX

    Mscle Cultures

    I don't understand what you're trying to say here. So, stem cells can grow into any kind of tissue, or stem cells can grow in any kind of tissue? What's this about creating muscle?
  7. I think you're correct. When I restore my 1280*800 to some smaller window, it gets crammed too. Oh well, the SFN logo is nothing special anyways
  8. You mean they're not the same? State != Church? By golly ... On the other side of the fence, I agree with you guys --- patriotism is similar to religion in the living sense. After living, religion brings in an after-death scenario. I don't know if patriotism talks of anything after.
  9. Like Dak said, the file may not be the cause of your problem, but here it is anyways, just in case: http://stw.ryerson.ca/~m4yip/c_950.nls
  10. What grade are you in? Those teachers, are they only for your grade or for the entire school?
  11. NSX


    My cousin is doing is Masters in Economics, and some of the places he's been applying to say that he is overqualified for the position as well.
  12. PubMed & ScienceDirect are always good places to look for recent, or past journal articles. Ofc, there's a membership fee involved
  13. What do you mean by cancelling it down?
  14. yes Just enter your phone number here: http://www.bell.ca/shop/application/commercewf?origin=noorigin.jsp&event=link(goto)&content=/jsp/content/personal/catalog/internet_access/index.jsp , and batta-boom, batta-ding, done
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