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  1. It depends on the application and cost. The ability to customize code trumps all else, particularly for statistical libraries, etc. But I'm not going to become an expert in optimization or code vectorization when there are free libraries that are readily adaptable (for example, numpy, scipy and many free libraries in R). Some combination is surely the sweet spot, but it's highly variable for your needs.
  2. So I invented a turn-based board game with some buddies based on monopoly and I'd like to implement a version that's playable online, since we're no longer all living in the same town. I'm thinking I could implement the back-end in Python, or possibly java, but i'd need user accounts, some way to restrict timing for user-turns, do in-game auctions, display pieces moving across a simple game board. A simple user-interface would be perfect - my goal is to have a feel somewhat similar to this version of Diplomacy: http://webdiplomacy.net/ I have programming experience but have never created a game and haven't done much web-based stuff besides for static html pages. Any advice on how to get started?
  3. Have you tried googling books or looking in a library? http://www.greenteapress.com/matlab/
  4. Just so you know, iNow, a true gold-thumping Austrian would refute a lot of those points about gold being responsible for those bubbles. For example, the big national banks do, at least, coincide with the bubbles you refer to and its possible to inflate the money supply even when tied to a physical standard by fractional reserve backing. And indeed modern proposals for a gold standard don't look like the gold standards in the inter-war periods (which was high inflationary). You might be interested in Rothbard's book on the subject (even just to read what the 'opposition' is reading). mises.org/books/historyofmoney.pdf I'm divided about the issue myself.
  5. Presidential proclamation doesn't make it a law, just saying.
  6. this is just the usual post-election whining I assume.
  7. Though you could theoretically have a negative growth rate offset by an opposite but equally large economic growth and still be able to support everyone with fewer youngsters. Though in practice, this hasn't happened yet and productivity gains aren't likely to be decoupled from population growth anytime soon.
  8. Here's a cool blog by a UCLA physicist who consults (consulted?) for the show: http://thebigblogtheory.wordpress.com/ He talks about the different physics featured on the show each week, though the blog hasn't been updated in over a year. I used to watch the show, but now I kind of hate it.
  9. How ironic. Since the Caucasus mountains actually go through Armenia you likely actually are Caucasian, even though the majority of people from white europeans are not. Not surprised and these blips happen all the time so I'm hesitant to accuse any side of conspiratorial foul play. However, I'm glad in NY id is not required to vote after the first time. I mean honestly what the worst that happens... a couple of illegal immigrants get to have input on representation? Really this is a non-existent problem.
  10. AFAIK, rejection is not a big problem with inbreed mouse strains.
  11. There will be selection effects, though. Fundamentalist ideas can't survive if those ideas are in the minority, nationally. Republicans can't ignore urban areas anymore. I expect Marco Rubio could be a contender for 2016 P or VP pick.
  12. I don't mind if corporations are considered people... In fact, polygamists should incorporate themselves, that way any arbitrary number of people would be reduced to a single personhood and they can marry an abitrary number of incorporated people, reincorporate, ad naseum. I haven't read the legislation, but if this is a legitimate hack it would drive conservatives crazy.
  13. The level of coverage in magazines such as The New Yorker and the Economist is very high, relative to other non-science publications.
  14. I'm not so sure... many latin americans are conservative christian on social issues and the Republicans are probably now realizing they can't win national elections without courting minority voters. Anyway, it seems likely that the issue won't come up in the current congress.
  15. getting ready for Obama to ramp up MJ raids.
  16. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/puerto-rico-votes-on-whether-to-change-relationship-with-us-elects-governor-and-legislators/2012/11/06/d87278ae-288b-11e2-aaa5-ac786110c486_story.html Honestly, I think this is probably bigger news than Obama getting re-elected. Puerto Rico has long been a US territory but has been deserving of statehood for some time and it seems as though the popular vote has finally swung that way as well. Obviously the measure has to be submitted and approved by congress before statehood is granted and internal politics will no doubt slow things down. I wonder if they'll be any opposition at here. Probably many Americans don't even realize that Puerto Ricans are already US citizens, they like the idea of 50 states thanks to the nice, round number and many are xenophobic particular to the latin american world. Anyway, congratulations to PR
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  18. Yes.. it's a huge company operating in 42 states. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Medical_Response
  19. This is somewhat misinformed. There are, for example, private EMS firms. Here's one getting ready for Hurricane Sandy: So your premise is somewhat flawed. Though from what I understand, this particular company is acting under contract from some gov't body.
  20. Even I think this is ridiculous. Emergency disaster relief is something the federal gov't can and should be doing - though the scope and balance of responsibility between federal/state is certainly debatable. To be fair though, when Romney made those remarks, the only people FEMA seemed like they were helping out was poor blacks in Louisiana (and therefore not worth the money). Now that the Financial District and Greenwich Village need a hand I'm sure he'll be back-pedaling on this [actually it looks like he's ignoring the issue completely].
  21. I'd prefer less, higher quality coverage than to what is going on now.
  22. ecoli

    Straw poll

    It's cool, I come from the Mel Brooks school of Nazi jokes philosophy.
  23. ecoli

    Straw poll

    conveniently giving Obama an edge in swing states
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