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  1. Children from a White skin person and Dark skin person usually end up with skin color somewhere in between. An instance of incomplete dominance?
  2. I'm sure people used to think that using large prime numbers was unbreakable code. Who knows what future technologies have in store.
  3. ecoli

    Our Origins

    No, by my logic the odds of winning the lottery are so low, that if someone wins, I believe it to be an act of God.
  4. ecoli

    Our Origins

    I don't think anyone created God. God just is. It's the same as you saying what created matter. You would say nothing created matter, it just is. Sure, but I said it's improbable, not impossible. Theres a big difference. Yes, chemicals and radiation causes mutation. But where do these chemical come from. Where do atoms come from. The big bang theory is valid, I beleive it, but, where does matter orignally come from. Until you can answer this I will continue to believe in God. I accept the fact that I could be wrong in my beliefs. You may be right, there may be no God. But, for me, it's good enough for now. I also don't expect you to accept my beliefs. I don't want to "convert" you or change your opinions. I'm just supporting my opinions, as you asked.
  5. Has anyone else heard that they're making a Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movie? I heard this from someone, but I don't know if it's true.
  6. Thanks for the tip, that website look really useful. It's a pain to find desired journals in regular google, theres way to much "noise."
  7. It's only a theortical circumstance. Of, course he couldn't actually travel at that speed. Also, he wouldn't actually be in the past, only appear to be. In that case could it be possible, as a theoretical situation.
  8. A quantum computer could crack an encripted system in mere seconds, while today's best computers would take eons. It would be able to go through all the prime/ semi-prime numbers in seconds.
  9. A good example of uncommon dominant genes is polydacylism, a genetic disorder where an infant is born with an extra finger. It's usually small and nonfunctioning, and is cut off at birth. Why does this happen? Mutations in the sex cell genes of animal cause physical characteristic to be passed on to their offspring. If it is beneficiall then they will be able to have more offspring and pass on the trait. If not, the organism will die off before it can reporduce. This is Darwin's theory of evolution (without the genetics part)
  10. Does this make sense to anyone? A man traveling faster the speed of light reaches a distant planet. Because of his speed, he reaches his destination before the light from his starting point, thus it appears that he has reached his destination before he arrived, and traveled back in time.
  11. Einstein's E=mc^2 equation shows that mass and energy are not mutually exclusive. Mass can be converted into energy and energy can be converted into mass. Mass is merely concentrated energy.
  12. Fnet = m/a The net force thats is acting upon an object is directly proportionaa to the mass of the object, and indirectly proportional to the acceleration of an object.
  13. ecoli

    Our Origins

    I beleive in God because science doesn't have all the answers, all the answers can be explained by acts of God. Also, when you think about how improbable our existance here on earth is, it's hard not to beleive. According to evolutionary theory, we evolved by mutations in the DNA of other organisms. Mutations are random events, so are we here by a bunch of random circumstaces? That seems to unlikely to me. I think, that a higher power is the source of these mutations.
  14. I don't know think humans will ever become immortal, but as soon as we find a way of using keeping telemeres from shortening, without casuing cancer, then humans should live over 200 years.
  15. so information could be computer countless times faster on chips that are countless times faster. Sounds important in developing nanobots
  16. I'm Zach, I'm a high school senior from Long Island. I'm interested in the biological sciences, I've done some reseach at Stony Brook University, to discover conditions that certain virulence factors are expressed in uropathogenetic E. coli, usefull knowledge for urinary tract infections.
  17. Knowing the genetic code of humans is the first step to understanding genetic diseases, and curing them.
  18. I think life with found first on a meteor that has fallen to earth. This form of extra-terrestrial life would probably exist in simpler forms (bacteria or Archeo-Bacteria). This form of life would be the easiest to find, beceasue it doesn't involve the use a spacecraft, people can study the life right on earth more easily then if it was found on another celetial body.
  19. Can anyone explain to me how quantum computers work?
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