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  1. so what's the differences from bibles and cat in the hat book, supposedly the bibles are black and white,there's no doubt when it comes to god and such, so i do not understand.. edit- at this point in time, i can manipulate a couple of people to believe cat in the hat is real, some will believe it, as time progresses in decades, those people can easily increase into groups, then into a majority of society, now a century later, guess what, the cat in the hat exist, and is a real being, but never seen in reality. and if you do not believe in the cat and hat, you will go to hell. so what's the differences ? from my example, and what occurred in humanity as to religions and such
  2. dr. seuss wrote a book called cat in the hat, i know the cat in the hat from reading the book, by reading, i truly experienced it's presence. so does that mean the cat in the hat is proven to exist ? so cat in the hat will no longer be a concept ?
  3. so then why was secrete science societies created to study science, if this were true. at that time, anyone who studied science was killed, so secrete societies of science were created . if what you are saying is true, then why the fight between science and religion from the beginnings of ? and also science very well understands and knows this god stuff, that's why it is said by science to not exist. like i had said before, there's evidence that shows humanity existed thousand of years before religion .
  4. Sleep deprivation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_deprivation
  5. just so i understand, you mean as an energy of some sort and not an individual of a sort and substitute this energy with the word of god, correct ?
  6. hmm, i'm not sure what a complete sentence is compared to a sentence. i thought the period at the end made it clear it was complete. are you seriously going to play grammar police on words used, why not just understand language it's self. if you have an understanding of language then you should have no problem. but yes i will admit, i do not like to type, i'm basically 100% vocal. so it can lead to misspelled words and such. ok, see i asked you this before, i asked if you mean as an energy of some sort and not an individual of a sort. see now i understand what your statements are about. and if you are referring to an energy and not an individual, then i have to say, you do not understand the definition of god.
  7. so god created everything from nothing, in a somewhere, but no where because nothing exist place ?
  8. so god created everything from nothing, in a somewhere, but no where because nothing exist place ? still have not told me a difference between a god that exists but does not manifest in this reality and a god that does not exist. what's the difference ?
  9. yeah, i apologize. that was directed to photon propeller tell the me the difference, simple.
  10. welcome to quantum physics.. Quantum Physic applied to Mind Power - Part 3 of 10
  11. photon propeller, I'm one step away from going through every single post you have made and giving you negative points. second warning. if you do not like the fact that humanity existed before religion, then take that up with god. quit giving me negative points for it. i notice that's when the negatives points come in, when i mention that. and i maybe wrong about you doing it. either way. who ever it is. grow up.
  12. yes , i apologize. you are correct about the person i was responding to, 9/10 i do not pay attention to names, they are irrelevant to me in most cases. so i will apologize again.
  13. and space is what keeps everything from happening to me. nice touch alex.
  14. not at all. you have not told me a difference. simple. exactly. now ponder this if your mentality is capable to do so. think about the lack of knowledge language and mentalities of back then. not at all, again, learn to comprehend. simple. look, you asked, were you not referring to einstien ? i thought you were, so i responded with, which i was referring to einstien. simple. does this make sense now ?
  15. I did not say spinoza.. pay attention here ,learn to comprehend. simple. you are doing nothing but reiterating what a book say's..nothing more. the concept you are referring to , is just that..nothing more.do you even acknowledge other religions ? do you realize they all say the same in a sense. do you realize that there's evidence of humanity existing long before religion was introduced to humanity ? there's no empirical source what's so ever, only books and hearsay. nothing more. like the question that i asked you to answer, tell me the difference between a god that exists but does not manifest in this reality and a god that does not exist tell me the differences. simple.
  16. I'm am sick of getting negative points for supplying accurate info. should i go through all your post photon propeller and give you negative points on every single god post you make ? photon propeller, my advise. try reading idea's and opinions by alan lightman. and understand it before you try to quote eisenstein with your own inaccurate interpretation of his words.
  17. i have no clue about what you are saying is blocked. but as a joke, they probably did it to shut the religious people up about the stupid cross thing.
  18. yeah, but as i read it again, i misunderstood it. http://science.howstuffworks.com/international-space-station3.htm years ago i cam across this, http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn17918-rocket-company-tests-worlds-most-powerful-ion-engine.html but it's about using raido waves to heat argon turning into hot plasma, it's from 2009 Rocket company tests world's most powerful ion engine edit- her's some other links that are realated to this conversation. Ion thruster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_thruster ISS Propulsion Module http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISS_Propulsion_Module
  19. the spinoza's thing, he means the thought of it, " lawful harmony of the world, " referring to humanity " not in a God Who concerns Himself with the fate and the doings of mankind. ", referring to gods and such.
  20. i do not speak any other languages except for english. but i always have this question in mind. english is my native language, so my mind thinks in english. my question is, when an individual learns a language other than their native, does the mind still think in the native language ?
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