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  1. it's because you do not know anything about his theorems, and what they are being used for
  2. have you ever heard of this guy ? srinivasa ramanujan
  3. this pretty much answers everything. after reading some of this i agree with alex.
  4. lol, you should look at this thread and these guys, mik azo tesla2 http://www.physforum.com/index.php?showtopic=42359&st=3315
  5. is this about the electric universe theory ?
  6. is anyone conversing in it, every time i enter it's crickets.
  7. especially in space without being in any gravity field .
  8. lol mondays assignment die , i had the same issue.
  9. if you remove anthropocentric, then what is real ?
  10. I just came across this, 2 Living ETs Working with US Government http://vimeo.com/65430488
  11. from super nova to gamma ray burst. i have a better picture of this. I'll post it in a second.
  12. it appears sevenseas is a end of the world advocate. according to the past they have never been correct(obviously)(including mayans) but if you continue to say the world will end, at some point in humanity it maybe correct. even if it would be centuries later or such.
  13. there are two different kinds of worlds here. public eye and behind the scenes.
  14. i understand all that, but what some do not realize is, what is being talked about is and has been occurring for decades, public is just now finding out. so what's the difference, that it's known by society ? it's as simple as, if you do not like it, do not use a cell phone. simple. but also, i will say, this is not just occurring with cell phones. think about anything that needs a satellite or such edit- also, i will agree with that i should not have said the " if you are doing nothing wrong, then there's nothing to worry about " i'm not even sure why i said that. edit 2- i'm sorry i misread the topic tittle. it's calls in general. when i heard about it yesterday, they were talking just cell phones. so i apologize.
  15. humanity has populated so much, that this will be an necessity. the bottom line is, government wants to know everything that anyone is doing. nothing anyone can do about it. just accept it and move on. if you are doing nothing wrong, then there's nothing to worry about. simple.
  16. from a CEO- " how do you compete with free ? answer, execution, it you are not part of it, you do not exist. "
  17. it's not a summary, it's a definition. and IT IS(rather than seems) correct according to oxford university physics like i stated in an earlier post, they keep asking you, and yet you have failed to show, simple.
  18. umm, actually, PHYSICS the study of the laws that determine the structures of the universe with reference to the matter and energy of which it consist. It is concerned not with chemical changes that occur but with the forces that exist between objects and the interrelationship between matter and energy. Traditionally,the study was divided into separate fields: heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism, and mechanics (classical physics). Since the turn of the century, however, quantum mechanics and relativistic physics have become increasingly important ; the growth of modern physics has been accompanied by the studies of atomic physics, nuclear physics and particle physics. the physics of astronomical bodies and their interactions is know as astrophysics,the physics of the earth is know as geophysics,and the study of the physical aspects of biology is called biophysics. THEORETICAL PHYSICS The study of physics by formulating and analyzing theories that describe natural processes. Theoretical physics is complementary to the study of physics by experiment,which is called experimental physics. A large of theoretical physics consist of analyzing the results of experiments to see whether or not they obey particular theories. The branch of theoretical physics concerned with the mathematical aspects of theories in physics is called mathematical physics.
  19. well, from what i have read, they keep asking you, and yet you have failed to show, simple.
  20. it's about results. and quit calling aunt sally. the logic here is flawed.
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