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  1. but why is christ the savior when there were gods before ? and humanity existed before the, " rib of man " (according to christianity.) there's data that shows humanity existed before religion was brought into the picture of life. so i'm lead to this question, (which i hope you may have an answer for), that question is, tell me the difference between a god that exists but does not manifest in this reality and a god that does not exist.
  2. tell me the difference between a god that exists but does not manifest in this reality and a god that does not exist.
  3. I understand the math problem. but the reality is not the math problem. fish and fishing are just that. fish behave in a character that math does not pertain to( in a sense). when you get into fishing, bass/trout/deep sea or such, you learn this.
  4. what kind of fish, some fish move to shallow waters when it's feeding time, usually early morning and late evenings. some time boils are created during the feeding frenzy, that's when to catch fish,but that occurs during spawning season. you can just throw a hook in the middle of the boils and catch a fish effortlessly, if you have a multi rig set up, you can catch more than one. other than that, i'm not sure what all that other stuff is for, in a simple answer, fish saturday night at the 8.5 m depth. simple.
  5. the second video has the most description. Quantum Levitation Quantum Levitation
  6. oh my , i just found my , william shatner with chris kreski star trek memories book.
  7. what i like is , he gave an answer that does not need to be said. unless you have a low level mentality.
  8. as to the topic question..... look at my signature.
  9. in the CERN topic i have here in one of these threads, has the link, directly to a hangout cern did when they discovered the higgs/ particle. it's info directly from the horses mouth is the term. i'll find it. edit- scroll through this whole list. they are all there, http://www.youtube.com/CERNTV
  10. yeah and yeah, snookie and kardasheian, or how ever that's spelled. the female is supposedly, Gertrude B. Elion the male is supposedly, thomas paine
  11. there is no cross, just delusion. and also, i would try to research that nasa system shut down. make sue it actually happened. on a another note, so what, what is your point ? edit- fox news is not a reliably, creditable source. according to that space.com link, there source is, " according to the Space Weather Prediction Center overseen by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. " on that second video post, according to him the flare was away from earths path. so maybe research nasa to see if there systems were shut down. even then it's nothing new or not known about. solar flares /cme has been known.
  12. me either..it's a bunch of religious crap.. on that second video post, it can be manipulated. talking about the systems shut down. that could have just been his computer or he stopped the software feed or what ever. then at the end of the video, the famous words, " god bless "
  14. I'm not sure if you can call that a cross. if anything, IMO anyways, it's a T. it kind of seems like religion has to do with this, but i'm not sure.
  15. if no sleeping pills then maybe deal with it, or look for other alternatives. that's all you can do. " It sends me a message that my body resists it. it is so weird. ", this is very possible(if not what is actually occurring),your system has the ability to reject anything. " my doctor says she will prescribe me another stronger pill. " this is what i was referring to when i stated, " it could just be a matter of what ever pill you were given does not fit your system(body/mind)" " no way, i wont take any stronger medicine. i am afraid it wont work at all ! ", this is very well possible.
  16. honestly i can not say why without refreshing memory and/or researching. it could just be a matter of what ever pill you were given does not fit your system(body/mind) everybody's system is the same , but it's not an individuals system is nothing more than an organic machine. this is partly the reason why doctors try a couple of different types of the specific drug, they have to find the one that matches your system.
  17. yes, in the USA, it is federally decriminalized(depending on amount), not legal. in some states it's legal medically(depending on amount). in 2 states if i remember correctly it's actually legal(depending on amount). but on a higher up level, it is said the only reason why it's illegal is because big tobacco and big alcohol lobby against it to keep it illegal, because they have projections that show they will lose a lot of market share if made 100% pure legal. they need to prepare to move into this sector to stay in business so they lobby against it to do so until they are ready. from what i have gathered, there's no heath reason for it being illegal,or awareness issues beyond what alcohol does(if can accurately be compared). Stoned scientists http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/2783.html 14 Famous Scientists and Inventors who Experimented with Drugs http://www.famousscientists.org/14-famous-scientists-inventors-who-experimented-with-drugs/ 10 Scientific and Technological Visionaries Who Experimented With Drugs http://io9.com/5876304/10-scientific-and-technological-visionaries-who-experimented-with-drugs https://www.google.com/search?q=famous+scientist+who+use+drugs&aq=f&oq=famous+scientist+who+use+drugs&aqs=chrome.0.57.10064j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  18. but they are. and no, no cardiovascular. i walk and such, i exerciser like a normal person and such. lol i look fine. see you have this whole idea of it, that IMO is very wrong about it. and i'm not sure where or why you think this, so again i have to resort to propaganda.
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