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    Sorry to be a bothersome again..=P Okay, so i went to a store and bought it. Ground nutmeg. How many spoonfuls do i have to do to get the effects such as euphoria, hallucination, etc. I have a bag ready, just incase. ; ) Well, this is my first time using nutmeg, or a hallucinogen. Should i take 1 spoonful? How do i calculate that stuff with my body weight, its just confusing. Whats the formula to calculate that stuff with your body weight so we know how much we could take? Thanks, once again.
  2. hw help


    OKAY, a smarter question: Where do u get your nutmeg (that is if you do them or have done them) okay just wondering.
  3. hw help


    okay, say, Walmart.
  4. hw help


    kk sorry but one last question Can i get nutmeg in my local grocery store? thanks
  5. hw help


    If its in alot of things, and we eat those things ALOT, do we hallucinate? Or do we have to extract the nutmeg or whatever. Also, read my pm.
  6. hw help


    o shit i never knew.. is nutmeg in tobasco hot sauce
  7. hw help


    oh i see. What house hold product have nutmeg in it? And i thought nutmeg was illegal
  8. hw help


    are u being sarcastic or serious?
  9. hw help


    Shit today is my first time, i took about 2 or 3 hits of it (short hits though) and i felt all weird. I was kind of mild high, but i don't think i did it correctly. I shared the weed though. How many hits should i take to hallucinate? (i heard if u smoke weed and take lots of hits u hallucinate). Additional questions: what are the long-term effects of weed what are the short-term effects of weed? do u get acid or shroom like trips when u smoke too much weed? Thanks
  10. Wow, so many beverages these days used to contain harmful substances.
  11. I don't think so, but sleeping while listening to music can. The music can seep into our dreams, and in our dreams we may listen to that music that of real life.
  12. shit i didnt know talking bout illegal drugs was illegal in this forum, and no i dont want to hurt my body, i just want to try some things thats all. SAFE THINGS, that is. =)
  13. i want to hallucinate on shrooms, but i can't get it =/ Currently i have a dealer looking for me right now, and i am too, looking for it. Shrooms grow on cow shit. Btw, where can i get those hallucinogenic cactus?
  14. Can someone give me an example of Moore's Law used in real life? Thanks
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