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  1. Hi i had a little discussion i would like to have with allof you do u think that music heard before sllep, influences the type of dremas we have? does someone have some information on the topic pease let me know.
  2. i was just thinking that when we tell a person that he/she is multi-faceted it is a compliment but when we tell a person he has multiple personality it is genrally an insult cud someone help me out and clearify the differneces between these two things as i think thaey r pretty much the same
  3. linux red hat linux 10 its just to cool to handle but of course u have to know a lot of progaming . but i still think its awesome
  4. solar power is good , tidal power , baggase
  5. i guess RNA but the more important question here should be did rRNA come first or was it another type of RNA or ribosomes
  6. hey i can see why u would think ADD is not even a real disease. i mean we all have attention defecit, at some time or another .but it is called a disease as doctors worry about the extreme cases of such diseases not the normal cases. it is our own fault that we take these things to seriuolsy sometimes.
  7. well chatha i sort of se what ur saying but i do not neccessaarily agree with all of it. i see that u might be thinking that doctors just "make up " diseases for the sake of it even if it affects only one person, but i think all medical professionals do that to "organize"all the knowledge we have. isn't that true with any other proffesion. i mean its true for the whole freakin human race, we like to organize everything to death.
  8. dsjgenius

    Games U Like

    the best games i like is first person shooting. i mean they r so freaking addictive. the game i am playing now is HALO . its freaking addictive like hell. my finals r on monday and i play halo for hours. i know i shudnt but its addictive damn the creators . LOL
  9. dsjgenius


    Oh i've seen this eqaution before in one of my astronomy books
  10. dsjgenius


    what do u mean by potenially millions more life forms, how are u corerelating the big bang with life origination.
  11. dsjgenius


    YT can u give and explain the drake equations i read the equation but i only found one. are there more than one eqaution? well could u explain the equation and how they are credible
  12. dsjgenius


    isn't this a contradiction by itself
  13. well iwas thinking maybe the whole concept of the HIDE could be manifested in the idea that children view their blankets as an association with their parents and thus tend to think they are protective. for most children parents tuck the child into bed with the blanket and then the child feels he/she safe. so what i was thinking is tha for human babies and then children take the blankets and their rooms as THE SAFE PLACE as they closely associate these places and objects to thier parents-the ultimate figure of protection. Well YT you are probably right about the basic animal instinct but what i'm more interested in is how this basic animal instinct came to exist??
  14. I was just wondering why children from age 2-9 view thier blankets as a source of protection from anyhting "bad". We alll must have had experienes where we were scared as children and then hid under are blankets beliving that nothing then could harm us has anybody got a theory as to why, how and when this mental concept is developed .
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