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  1. According to Dr. Nima Arkani Ahmed it is. Scroll to minute 37.
  2. Raisin Bread is not a good analogy. It suggests that space is expanding. Space is being created.
  3. The volume of space is changing as a function of time. Space in not expanding, it is being created everywhere at once.
  4. Space is being created everywhere at once as a function of time. There is a doubling factor. That is why things further away move away faster. If you make a grid of space with say a galaxy "A" in one grid and another galaxy "B" in the grid next to it and another galaxy "C" in the grid next to that, after one doubling the galaxy "A" would see galaxy "B" twice as far away and galaxy "C" 4 time as far.
  5. You can't take the two ups and a down for a proton or the two downs and an up for a neutron too literally. There is a soup of things in the proton and neutron. Lots of gluons, lots of up, down, top, bottom, charmed and strange quarks all interacting with each other. At any one time there is a net positive charge in the proton because on average there are two more 2/3 positively charged up quarks and one more 1/3 negatively charged down quark in the soup giving a net one positive charge. The neutron having two down quarks at negative 1/3 and one up with positive 2/3 positive charge cancel out to make the neutron neutral in charge.
  6. If space is being created as is the theory, then nothing is required to move into. I recently watch a lecture where the expansion was explained this way. If you are at a point in space, and space is doubling in time. If you make a grid with our galaxy at the center of one grid and another galaxy is at the center of the grid next to yours and another galaxy is at the center of the grid next to that, every time there is a doubling of space, then every someone, including you, would see the others moving away from each other faster and faster the further away they were. The one that was in the next grid would be 2 grids away and the one that was 2 grids away would be 4 grids away and so on.
  7. Not sure if this is relevant, but if two electrons are speeding toward each other, they are being repulsed by the EMF. Once they get to 10^-31 cm apart gravity takes over and becomes the dominant force.
  8. Matter and space are separate things, You have clumps of matter and you have space between them. It is the space between the matter that is expanding. If you extrapolate this expansion backward in time, you come to point where there is very little if any space between the clumps.
  9. I just watched a lecture by Nima Arkani Hamed. He says spacetime is doomed and it needs to be replaced. He talks about how it breaks down at small distances(10^-33cm) and times10^-43 s). At those small distances(Black Holes, Big Bang) the Uncertainty Principle makes the Energy so large in a tiny region of space that time ceases to be something meaningful.
  10. If someone fired a killing light beam at some one else, and you went faster than the speed of light, you would see the person die before the light beam hit them. So isn't that reason enough?
  11. Has anyone seen this you tube video by Nima Arkani Hamed? He talks about what is being discussed. It is quite interesting and may have some answers for you.
  12. Is it not possible for the gaming people to rig the system? Like the OP said. Looking at the numbers that are picked the most and set up the computer generated picks to pick them less often to increase profit? Could a casino see what are the most popular number bet on in say roulette and tinker with the wheel to make them less likely to come up. Maybe by doing something with the wheel's bearings that make some numbers/colour less like to be stopped on? Is there any agency doing oversight on the gaming commissions practices? I know there is a dial in the slot machines that can adjust how much is paid out, but I am pretty sure that is advertised in each casino what the pay out is. Like 4% or 4.2% or whatever. Is anyone/agency checking?
  13. If everything in our Universe has a position at any instant in time. And the passing of time is just how those positions relative to one another change from one instance to another, then each instant in time would possess a unique configuration. This would mean that every point in time would also have an unique initial condition that every subsequent point in time would be dependent on. Chaos theory say that if you change the initial conditions, then time will unfold differently. If one could send anything from one point in time to another, the initial conditions would be different from both points in time. Time would unfold differently for both timelines. Even if Ron Mallett sends neutrons back in time in a spin up and spin down configuration as a binary code to send information like say the lottery numbers, it would change the initial condition from the point in which they arrived and the numbers would be different in the changed timeline. I think.
  14. Another interesting area of research is the existence of "chameleon fields”. This was first hypothesized in 2004 by University of Pennsylvania physicist Justin Khoury. Ten years later English physicist Clare Burrage proposed a methodology for testing their existence in a laboratory using atoms. Paul Hamilton of UCLA has conducted experiments to test for these "chameleon fields”, where Dark Energy may live. No smoking gun yet, but they have put restraints/doubts on some of the proposed theories. Also experiments have provided a better understanding of how strongly "chameleon fields" can interact with normal matter. Baby steps.
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