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  1. microcode being the sets of logic gates that cluster in massive arrays? Im not sure if you can make assembly any quicker, as ewmon mentions your taking a step by step procedure to the very extreme, theres no cutting corners here(as there is with higher level algorithms); HOWEVER on the microprocessing side of it (computer architecture) you can create more efficient logic circuits, its not totally defined by the amount the amount of transistors. There isnt different forms of machine code, but machine code will differ from architecture to architecture (which is why lots of older programs arent compatible with say x64 architecture. This is the type of thing your CPU or more specifically ALU's will be using: http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~mssz/CompOrg/CDA-arith.html Now im not too sure about compilers persay but i am aware lots of higher level languages are built from each other and generally starting from C (which has lots of lower level programming functionality such as pointers and memory addressing), for example im studying SCALA for distributed and concurrent systems and its built largely from java which allows similar functionality and similarly java was created from C (i think? java isnt compiled its interpreted by the JVM which makes it cross platform, but i *think* the JVM's built from C). YOU can create your own language if your so wish and not from the bottom up, you must conceptualise what exactly you want and then hard code it from i would recommend C A string is a simple example, in C string dont exist, they are an array of chars, therefor when you interpret (or compile) the new language you can let the user declare a string and when you compile it, it simply becomes an array of strings, and down and down until its a set of ascii binaries. Hope this helped
  2. sub7? blackhole ek? Your NOT getting hacked through port 80; Theres a short list of reasons to be hacked. your in a botnet you have access to sensitive data (c-card db dumps) your doing something against the law OR your working at the bleeding edge of some technology (governmental) you definitely did not track any hacker down to china or russia because hackers use proxies and shell into servers here there and everywhere to cover their tracks. Why would someone target you specifically? try netstat (-n) to determine any addresses that shouldnt be there, check your services for signatures wmic:Service and use netsh:advfirewall to get your firewall locked down.
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    Why God

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  4. thats ALOT of posts, damn
  5. KatzAndMice


    So i found a 5 leaf clover, is that even possible? is there a way to know if its a clover, i have 2 four leaf's that are different sizes but only 3 of the 5 leafs look proportional to the other 2's ratios. ALSO will i win the lottery tomorrow?
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    Why God

    Abstract thinking per se is a philosophical concept, not religious. People can a have sound moral, ethical and political basis without needing to abstract meaning from fairlytales out of the bible. The reason "why" we create the placeholder for the word "god" which is a "concept" is because we "abstract" from it? (everything / all possibilities) I dont know a great deal about education but i think you can get what you want from it? you cant be taught art in a way that will make you part of some military machine?
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    Why God

    What exactly do you mean by liberal and technological education? liberal is art and technological is science? I.E BA/BS? Or education we must pay for being technological? again im confused, anyone can get a free education from the library or a forum such as this OR you can pay and get a qualification to prove you've been taught X subject to Y level; technology gives great a outlook for creative individuals and teams(enhanced ability to create), who cares about corrupt politicians or political systems? http://en.wikipedia....i/Abstract_type "In programming languages, an abstract type is a type in a nominative type system which cannot be instantiated. (However, it may have concrete subtypes that do have instances.) An abstract type may have no implementation, or an incomplete implementation. It may includeabstract methods or abstract properties[1] that are shared by its subtypes.A type that is not abstract is called a concrete type. In many object oriented programming languages, abstract types are known as abstract base classes. In some languages, abstract types with no implementation are known as interfaces. Other names for language features that are (or may be) used to implement abstract types include traits, mixins, flavors, or roles." hmmm, "PS this is how great philosophers, like Socrates and Plato, taught their pupils how to think abstractly. The question of having philosophy kings, is about having people trained for the higher thinking level ruling over us. The difference is very important, and liberal education prepared every child for higher thinking levels. " Every prince is taught from birth, there can be only one king.... P.S the nazi's were an uprising against something, who knows what? i do wonder; perhaps a system where a certain small religion had control of a large proportion of the nations wealth? (just a suggestion (might i also suggest race is only brought into the equation through a process of religion, Christians perhaps felt they had moral high ground given their goal was to serve god and not to make moolah/scrilla )) politics and religion should not cross paths!!!! but when they do, its always to the detriment of the losers
  8. 1) turn myself into an invincible T-Rex 2) Live in the 70's for a few years 3) Do some flying and shit (be superman/ironman) 4) Give a blind person sight 5) Have a son and name him jesus
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    Why God

    "Think of time and God are close to the same thing, because they are abstract concepts, that we treat as a tangible reality." "This is a failure to understand, time and God are not tangible reality. When we reject God as an abstract reality we make vitally important discussion impossible" The idea of god as "our ability to abstract" is genius but quite apart from there being an existence of god; We all have our own personal god but the debate of god stems down the lines of papal systems etc I.E your god is not my god, i do not follow a leader of a set religion etc. Also our ability to abstract and god as a conceptual abstraction seem quite opposing to me, god would seem to be the "whole" from which we are abstracting? Im kinda confused really, are you saying god is a tangible reality, our ability to abstract, a conceptual abstraction or the sum of??? "A concept of God is quite essential to social and political thinking." Why do we need to conform to a unified conception of god? abstract reality almost certainly goes against any definite unified conception in so much as we can experience the same thing in different ways. most democracies fly the banner of secularism (separating religion from political thinking (for which a superimposed definition of god exists)) and that imho is best, unless we want the crusades round 2. "When we reject God as an abstract reality we make vitally important discussion impossible, and I have referred to this as being a NAZI, because the education for this thinking is dangerously limited to tangible reality and is unfit for self governing people" NAZI's followed a leader they believed in, religion's follow leaders they believe in.... "My argument is, some animals are capable of language and reasoning, but this is not equal to abstract thinking." I dont have enough psychological knowledge to venture an opinion of what stage or how conscious other animals are, i would certainly say certain animals are very capable of quite high levels of thinking or cognitive functionality if you like (such as the monkeys photographic memory test), weather they can abstract thoughts is another matter entirely; all very interesting stuff Athena P.S i still believe god is creativity; though the abstraction has me thinking about "Why god", as in why we even give a place holder for our "tangible reality", unknown abstractions or creativity per se. It seems like were putting things into other things that make something else that with that other thingy that makes something that was needing something else for that thing so the place holder is the set of all sets that unknowingly has a set of itself contained within. P.P.S i stopped making sense about 2 sentences ago
  10. awesome idea, could definitely be used as a feature of a gui for lots of things (in place of a combo box or scroller)
  11. thats harsh; its because you dont have enough posts probably....
  12. Plants dont think in the sense that they dont manipulate electricity to create memory's or have any form of cognitive thinking; plants have evolved defense mechanisms and mechanisms for ensuring the integrity of its species hence evolution doesnt "think"... edit: defining thought in the sentient form ovcourse
  13. I think its an impossible equation, if (there were an answer) then {it would certainly be pointless}...else {cease to exist entirely} P.S. I just found out how to adds video's
  14. Invent something revolutionary or find a niche market for something.... why is school wasting time if you like to learn science / engineering?
  15. Yes, No, Maybe; 1) some physical device will always exist for you to carry files around on (it makes dollar) 2) cloud computing in the sense of your computer being as powerful as your internet connection would not mean you dont have an option for customisation, the whole OS will still reside somewhere on some server which would allow you to program, develop and customize your OS 3) security hardly changes, infact probably increases, hackers get into your system now using exploits from certain application you run or open on ports where they have free access, on a server the security would for the most part be more professional. I.E. if you dont know how to secure your own computer, your files would by default be more secure on a server with security features. 4) the government can watch you now so who cares, nothing to hide and all that....it has the possibility to corrode the darker side of the internet though 5) not everyone has, needs or wants internet access. If all you did was game(offline) or use it to watch hardcopy films you'd have no use for the internet. Obviously most people have a use for the internet; but you cant exclude people who dont and still use computers. 6) as far as im aware the chrome OS book thing works in exactly this way but i wouldnt define as being an OS of its own right...it has alot of functionality but doesnt offer gaming, advanced photo editing, music editing software and such i dont think. overall i'd say its a good move for computing and will be tailored towards businesses and individuals who would like their files over different systems with id presume added security.
  16. On a science forum prophets arent as influential as scientist's; Nikola Tesla would get my vote What made you think i was kidding?
  17. If what they found gives mass to matter then its the higgs; regardless of what they was expecting it to be. This is what i presume the speculation is about, them not finding what they expected. I dont know the scientific know how about what they expected or the physics of what the higgs really is, just in leymans terms that its what gives mass to atoms.
  18. 1) Kunta Kinte 2) James VI & I 3) Henry VIII 4) Homer 5) Gilgamesh 6) Darwin
  19. They seem the same to me, but cycle indeed, anything that can be perceived as infinite seems to be infinitely big
  20. very humorous thread still get rid of the rep system on off topic and philosophy, in the name of SCIENCE;
  21. Nature is religion, Science is the bible and Engineering ... well thats us playing god on "it's" own terms god is just a placeholder for the unknown, science explores this physically and religion explores it philosophically; the end goal is the same, to discover something new....
  22. Does a set of all sets contains itself? A process could repeat itself for infinity
  23. Not to sound offensive, but why would anyone want to steal a shell based game? when we can develop in open source 3D game engines with community's offering open source code for the games why not make a shell game in python? you can then expand into graphics
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