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  1. Kranis

    Gay gene

    if you put it that way then people might not have to choose their hobbies, it can be genetic too when you think about it. Things you love to do whether its draw, play sports, men, women, etc. Still sources claim there is a gay gene others say there isnt, there are even gay people who suggest they chose to be gay.
  2. Kranis

    Gay gene

    i could of. but i didnt. but the gay gene hasnt even been discovered, so its still arguable
  3. Kranis

    Gay gene

    When people talk about homosexuals they say "They dont have a choice" "its genetic", i refuse to believe that, i dont think you can be born gay, but by the experiences people venture through that makes them gay. Also i dont believe in the gay gene because growing up, most of my friends and i didnt like girls till around 4th and 5th grade. i went through that "girls are icky" phase pretty much. Anyways i dont believe the gay gene exists and i do believe its a life choice, people have their free will to choose or not in my opinion, if the gay gene does exist then its a very confusing part of genetics. what do you guys think?
  4. What is the whole point of life? I want to know what people think about this. Or even if there is no point at all and we are just here. Or if there is a higher conscious level being out there with a plan? What is the Point of life?
  5. I don't have to back my claim up when its so freaking simple, You cant live with someone else's brain, DNA wise, database wise, all the info is stored in your brain of what you know, if you lost your brain and tried to get someone else's it will not be you, its simple, now if your brain lives and you need a new body, that might be possible in the future, as of right now it doesn't make sense to take in someone else's brain into your body...
  6. Do some research on the brain and what makes up the brain and how it works, you can find your answer like that.
  7. If it was "fact" then you would not have to believe in it
  8. No that is not how i look at it, and that video is pretty irrational to the thoughts of atheists and believers.
  9. Well learn some things about your brain before deciding to put someone else's brain in that spot.
  10. Common sense, think about it, the brain IS you, its Your database, if you were to get someone else's brain, it would not be you, and you might even be brain dead, your body might even negate the brain being there and kill you.
  11. His links are saying different things, they say they do cause cancer faster, and that they do not. Yes there are people who smoke lots of cigarettes a day so it can be worse, but also when you take a hit of marijuana it stays in your lungs longer because you are holding it in longer then cigarettes. I have not found one source of information that states that a person has gotten cancer Only by smoking marijuana.
  12. Who thinks humans will survive the next 1,000 years, yes?, no?, makes me wonder, war, diseases, overpopulation, lots of things that affect human survival.
  13. This should not be a discussion on "science forums". Think about it, its a never ending cycle, and its pointless to discuss it here, if people want to be part of a religion that is their choice, you should not start to judge them right away and tell them they are lesser beings because of it. Believing in something like "God" should not be frowned upon, its not a bad thing. It can make life better, and do not look at the believers as closed minded, because believing in something after death is pretty open minded to me, and believing that we just live and die and fade away from existence, is very closed minded. Basically religion is bad because of all the corrupted people, and the "fake" religious people who are basically judging others of sins, when everyone "sins". I personally do not like religion, but i have no problem in people just believing in "God" or believing in "higher beings" or beings of a higher conscious then us. It is better for people to follow the "good person" rules of religion instead of humans being idiots and causing wars over territory that should be shared. After all we are only human, animals.
  14. Cant transplant a brain, if you do that would not be you, not your brain, not your control, a totally different person will come up.
  15. That is not true for sure, marijuana most of the time is just plant smoking, when people are smoking cigarettes they are inhaling more then just the tobacco. I know lots of people who smoked marijuana and people who smoke it, they have no cancers at all, i do know people who smoked cigarettes who have cancer, there is a way bigger chance to get cancer with cigarettes then there is by just smoking marijuana.
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