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  1. Very simple theory can solve this( edge of the space)my theory is this universe has no start and no end There are only two things exist in this universe >matter and space <matter takes its place in space .so no matter only space remains Is no space
  2. All glaxies at the edge of our cosmos Are going far from us at the phenomenal Speed The reason for this velocity is not known To our recent physics I as a layman assume the cause may be the pull from billions of other cosmos neighbours of our cosmos creating this pull
  3. The conscience of planetary body does this as every thing in univetse has it
  4. thanks for answering ,that means what is not observable is not in existance ?and if gravitational pull is also not living any trace at the edge of our universal substances, so we can at least say for today as our science limitation that there should not be any another universe,but we should not forget that before this centuary we where not knowing about black holes , so when todays science in future will be equiped to detact the same may be we can find other universes.
  5. if there are multi universes exsisting ? and we dont even get a trace of its wherabout ,what should be the scientific reasons behind it?
  6. hypothitacly if there are multi universes existing ,which are the conditions in which we will not be able to see any scientific reasons ?
  7. nothing can be created is strong scientific point,only changes may happen ,like energy to mass etc,so you may be right ,there may be big bang only for changes, not for creation. and also multi universes theory is part of universe only as suburbs of any city is the part of same city.
  8. ok, then pls tell what science says about ?
  9. good evening friends i just want to corelate science and religion on subject big bang (as science ) creation (as religion )in this both cases what is common? in religion god creates the universe and in science a point before big bang creates the universe .in both case who created god? no answer who created that point ? no answer so i think we are stil searching the truth
  10. who ever has invented the idea of big bang theory,has mised to say that big bang is just a recycle of universe ,if it is? and it is correct in my view ,just see the natures sign water and vapour and rain recycle ,seed tree and seed recycle ,birth and death recycle.energy to matter recycle.matter to energy recycle, and many many recycles ,so in my bold view there could not be any begining and end ,but only recycle
  11. Perception of creation and destruction : co related with big bang theory Any thing we call created is only change .ie shape .... from earth to ceramic pots. Mixing of chemical atoms in one another-like oxygen and hydrogen into water. change in time : our birth and death, change in space : one stadium is smaller than other means there is change of space inside.change of energy in different waves :........"..........gamma, magnetic ,radio,gravity, Light,sound.change of temperature means water ,vapours and ice . So if we want to create some thing means We have to destruct some thing which is pure and Fundamental.as we know by scientific means that all cosmic situations like matter ,speed ,life,energy,waves,motion,static ,have very high resistance to any opposite changes like if matter is given situation to-change into liquid it will show its full resistance towards it and will consume huge amount of energy To became liquid .any object in motion if stopped will show high resistance . The above mentioned logic is to brief my theory ....creation for one is destruction for others and destruction for others is creation for one. How is it true prior to the big bang the point which was exploded was having any form Not known to us,could be pure energy,pure consciousness ,pure god matter,itself god,or remains of prior universe complex structure change into one pure unknown thing .in this infinite space there are multiple universes, could say infinite nos of universes .in this infinite space. There can not be one universe . Now we come to the point ,when our universe was started by way of explosion ,in our terms we can say creation process started for time,matter,life ,space ,physics, science . .but if we also think of the prior explosion situation ,One unknown thing was (can not write every thing because there was nothings at that time) calm static ,pure ,full ,one ,nothing and for any reason it was parted by way of explosion, after infinite time of oneness it was divided into multi complex physical objects.what was that for it, only destruction it was destroyed in a way ,it's totality was finished .Science says that any fundamental change is not accepted easily by any cosmically Connected substances .We can check some examples Space craft re entry into earth atmosphere or entry of any asteroid ,atmosphere reacts heavily.if any bulky objects plunges into sea or intense quake take place in sea water displacement can bring tsunami. Creation process started for World were we are living in present ,is only made by destruction OF IT THE PURE ! CREATION FOR US WAS DESTRUCTION OF IT NOW WHAT ? A PRICELESS QUESTION. It is going to be a dramatic change the destructed thing will be in search of its origin and in a certain time frame it will 100% find it.We are now in a-cycle of destruction every second world is decaying is ageing and all power gain at time of big bang is slowly changing into nothingness (black hole were no physics works not even matter survives nor energy survives no atomic structure survives and gravity is such nothing can escape from it and it is so condensed that any matter if it is there ,One drawing room size is equal to our solar system it will get Dencer by the time and one day total universe will be a black hole and will be capturing very little space that is there creation they are again created in oneness and day will come when it will be again ready for it's destruction. At this juncture I will definitely mention that our destruction will be creation of there the pure prior big bang thing. Here a Hindu myth can be well uderstood कण कण में भगव।न god is in every atom becomes logical because each atom takes part in creation and destruction.. HINDU !JAIN AND SOME OTHER RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY SAYS LIBERATION IS ONLY POSSIBLE TO SOUL. The liberation means reaching to the starting point ,here I don't mean any journey backward,but I mean to gain ones purest form uncreated form ( the prior big bang form) Liberation or enlightenment are having similar meanings ,in both stage you are a glass of water mixed with ocean now which is ocean and which is a glass of water ? You became a grand plan ,you are the object and you are the observer ,you are the knower and you are to know, religious philosophy more or less are same in each books on topic of enlightenment that the soul is only authorised for the liberation, here I defer in some aspects , there can be no partial liberation if it is going to happen than it is going to happen for all universe Reason all comes from the same origin the latest BIG BANG .here I mean to say by the beginning (latest Big bang because there is no start and no end only change of physics is acting) the physical world including matter, energy, jiva (soul)Wanted to go back to there original form and that will happen by big crunch only the time factor will be different for matter energy and soul to arrive at that point ,may be the souls could be the first,getting there seat first and waiting for others to arrive ,and matter could be the last.
  12. life station


    I don't want to proof any theory but it will be kind enough,if you all can watch my topic in speculation forum TIME AND WE. And again TIME AND WE FURTHER and give some information on it
  13. As we in our current knowledge of science assume that time started after big bang( I am agreeable with big bang theory only that it is cyclical and time and again it starts as big bang and collects as big crunch. ) But I personally think that time never comes in cyclical terms as big bang and big crunch but it always remain there as i.e. Electric train passes through same route millions of time but the over head wire remains stationery ,just like that time always remains stable and big bang to big crunch cosmos passes through it , There can be no creations ,only changes happens,so if you say time started after ,big bang ,personally i don't believe in that because every thing can have a change but ,time can not change in any other form so I think ,time remains there after big crunch also and after big bang ,again every thing starts passing through time. The imagination of time travel is also ,giving us the same feel that time is stable And if we want to travel in past ,before latest big bang at the time of singularity , is only possible because time is stable and we can travel through it.
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