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  1. we are factually aware of the physical composition of a cellular organismal living body (just to be clearly redundant) in that we have repeatedly observed the elements/chemicals/compounds that make up are various parts. The interactions between all of these atoms and molecules are observed, documented and recorded. These interactions between these various components sufficiently explain life, life itself not being a "force or energy" but rather being a complex group of traits that emerge from these interactions. There is no evidence of any mysterious spirit or "life force," and no necessity to include such a concept in a model that's perfectly functional without such a thing. All of life is observed to be composed of atoms, comprising molecules and so forth, and those molecules are observed forming and driving life in all its forms and functions. The evidence is overwhelmingly obvious to anyone with the reasoning capacity of a seven year old. It's proven. Look up cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, whatever you like, they'll all provide more than adequate proof. Life has not been created in the lab, however scientists are making headway in just such attempts; one seems to think they may accomplish it in mere months. Personally i think that's optimistic, but it will happen. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/science/article6804599.ece Look up the chemical or atomic composition of a human being. It will give you clear cut figures of what an average human being consists of. Of course, every individual organism will differ, even among the same species, or in comparison to itself on a minute by minute basis if you want to get down to the EXACT numbers of every atom, which would be a ridiculously stupid thing to expect I'm sure you must agree. All the evidence points to nothing BUT atoms. You're beating a dead horse with a broom made out of complete delusion and denial of the basic elementary-school facts. As i said, life is simply a set of characteristics that emerge from complex interactions of matter. This is observed and proven. By science. With evidence. Through valid experimentation and direct observation. One more; biochem, molecular genetics, cell biology. Look um up. Hell, wiki um. Also, people have offered you evidence and hypothesis for the emergence of life for non-life. Why are you hypocritically ignroing the very things you request? As for the rest of you ranting and raving lunacy, it's more of just repeating yourself in an irrational childish tantrum, and up to now I've already answered everything you raise over and over and over and over. My god, be succinct. How often did you just demand "give me evidence" "there is no evidence" "i want science" blah blah blah? You wont get anywhere behaving like that. The evidence is there for the taking, the proof is total, and any claim you raise that suggests otherwise has to be equally supportable through observation, experimentation, and simple reason. You offer none of these these three things. Do so or shut up. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged A bacterium isnt aware of what it's doing nor does it decide what to do, it simply reacts to stimuli with genetically hardwired behaviors. A venus flytrap doesnt "decide" to snap shut on a fly, nor is it aware of its location or what it's doing. The higher neural abilities you're suggesting aren't characteristics of LIFE per say, but of sentience and sapience, which life can lead to, but doesn't require. thermostats arent composed of the necessary elements in the proper configurations to perform the molecular functions of life. Go to youtube and look up "Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker," it explains how if you were to give the basic chemical properties of organic materials to inanimate mechanisms, theyd "evolve," teh example in question being clockparts run in a simulation and evolving into functional clocks thanks to the evolutionary pressures applied. And of course they can't die, because they're not alive, but they certainly wear and break down.
  2. having not yet explained something to perfect satisfaction does not mean "can not" explain, and looking to god to answer those questions is just the God of the Gaps Fallacy, or the equally fallacious Argument from Personal Incredulity, and falling on God to fill those in can accomplish nothing but hold people back from finding the real answers. As for "holy baths" or other faith cures, it's widely considered just a matter of the placebo effect combined with the disease being something they mightve gotten over anyway. I doubt many scientists are mystified by such things. In certain regions the opposite holds true; local witch men or whatever will curse someone, and their health will rapidly diminish and they might even die. Local doctors have learned to trick the "curse victim" into believing they've banished the curse and usually the victim perks right up.
  3. if it WERE a planet then it certainly wouldn't be 9 cuz you'd have to give planetary status to Eris, Makemake and Haumea, probably the asteroid Ceres too, and then factor in that Pluto itself could be considered one sibling of a twin planet given that its "moon" Charon both rotate around a center of gravity outside and between either body. So that's what, 14 max? 8's much nicer.
  4. Would you be suggesting that perhaps testoterony manly men never want children? It's sort've a biological prerogative inherent to most any living thing, pass on your DNA to the next generation. Humans are just more complex than usual and are able to pursue other goals more willingly and superficially overcome our instincts. Put career first, etc. Of course there are people out there who don't want children, but I'm willing to bet it's a more complex socio-pyschological issue than it is neurological in most cases.
  5. The former isn't really "main" nowadays... at all. there is evidence for a big bang and an expanding universe, not the other way around. now, see, there is no evidence for any of these claims, theyre fantasy, seemingly pulled right out of the air.
  6. And where'd you get this information from, the ever so achromatic Zeta Reticulans?
  7. It's best for George that he be aware of that particular truth I think
  8. i have some really liberal tendencies, but I definitely favor a few conservative policies. I guess i identify more with and feel more like a liberal, but it's really dependent on the specific issue in question.
  9. Kids haven't suffered enough to deserve morphine. Their parents on the other hand...
  10. Yup, algal bloom http://www.livescience.com/strangenews/etc/090720-arctic-blob-mystery-solved.html
  11. They do when you step on um
  12. They did reproduce. just not enough. Current theories regarding human evolution and evolution in general arent just because a bunch of scientists fancifully concocted some idea that made sense then said it was true. They found the evidence that indicated what happened in the first place then explained it. Completely different concept than whatever you just said. the same thing was seen in foxes in a fairly recent domestication experiment. The same gene can perform different functions or at least influence other characteristics. Choosing for traits that nature doesn't select for can cause other traits that don't tend to show up regularly in nature to manifest. Why? The evidence itself points in the opposite direction.
  13. A particular species of whip-tail lizards is all female and HAS to engage in lesbian sex to stimulate parthenogenic ovulation... And the albatross thing works with male swans too... theyll pair up, knock up a female, then steal her eggs and raise them with a greater survival rate than heterosexual pairs... which was sorta glancingly mentioned in the first post...
  14. Which is unfortunate... wouldn't even need to drill for it on Titan.
  15. Oil comes from organic material converted by heat and pressure. Organic material specifically as in dead organisms. ... And no one's been to the moon in decades.
  16. I don't think it'd be all that different really. Say they were all regulated against public use as is standard with legal drugs. For the more innocuous stuff, particularly marijuana, the whole bit of black market crime that goes with it peripherally to its actual use (mostly involving production and distribution) would basically stop. Plus its medical uses could finally be freed up. For the more dangerous and addictive stuff, well users would mess up their lives just as thoroughly or more so, and i say let um, with the added plus of no more meth labs poisoning neighborhoods. Plus, heavy sales tax to put towards some good use.
  17. Well, I'm dense about the "politics," but punctuated equilibrium, most simply, is just saying that sometimes the evolutionary process results in change more rapidly than at other times. It is a common misinterpretation that punctuated-equilibrium is something separate from and opposed to gradualism, and that I would guess is the likely source of the... confusion.
  18. Best mammalian carnivore EVAR. Still, that wipe-out record's kinda lousy compared to our own. Though theyve certainly helped out mightily in the downfall of more than just the one.
  19. So much to blame that state for especially with chili sauce fair food is wrong... but it's sooooo good...
  20. so those are basically cola-flavored hushpuppies? bleh...
  21. *Shrug* if its not some sorta collection of human waste it could be some sorta massive microbe colony... recently mega-swarms of jellyfish have been popping up in northern waters (lotsa issues with that in the eastern pacific,) but I don't know if one of those can "melt down" and expire into a slime-slick. Someone's gonna have to sample it to know one way or another. Bah... i can't find any article reference talking about its texture or consistency, just its color. I'm gonna go with the algae hypothesis.
  22. Some people have all the luck I spent an entire semester trying to find and catch a single dobsonfly for my entomology course collection Where are you from? Non-specifically.
  23. i dunknow, i think a crystalline-lookin' techno-orchid that blooms and sways to to music like one of those IPOD-Pets might be cool.... with a flamethrower
  24. That's better my faith is marginally restored
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