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  1. jamey2k9


    i never said it did i said you calm the body and then try to block out pain technically a good way to describe it would be ignorance is bliss as really your just ignoring the pain to point were you dont dont really feel it
  2. ive heard of that but i mean completely remove all emotion (ignoring the ethical side)
  3. jamey2k9


    i am actually capable of stopping feeling pain all together by process of calming the body down and stopping all pain receptores (although doing this for to long is very bad) for a start to long can stop your heart killing you you can get ridiculous amounts of pain in the back and head and if you are injured you dont know about it ect. plus ive heard of a condition were you carn't feel pain altogetheris this true
  4. jamey2k9


    what is pain its a way for your body to tell you its hurt but if thats it a warning how come some people feel pain easier then others
  5. if human emotion is caused by chemicals would it be possible to remove emotion from a human
  6. thought so talking of hybrids I put a link to loads of pics of hybrids on an earlier post check it by the way my hamfish is still the best. on the posts make up one of your own animal hybrids
  7. would it be possible to take a sperm cell and an egg of two different animals combine them and grow a new animal or with the cloneing rather than using one animal to clone from take two another one of mysterious posts from january come on thats two still been discussed
  8. jamey2k9

    Human emotion

    humans are very emotional creature's but what sparks emotion and how is it some people just crack and burst into tears whereas in the same situation someone could just stand there showing no emotion at all. so basically what causes emotion?
  9. I cannot believe this thread is still been discussed I posted it in january! to the point could it be we grow so used to the smell it doesn't bother us that much
  10. jamey2k9


    I hear quite a bit about paradoxses but I dont know what they are if anyone would care to explain it would be appreciated
  11. the force making the universe expand is meant to be dark energy and we can prove the acceleration by redshift Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedthats a good explanation baroba if this were true wouldn't the universe collapse in on itself and is it possible this has happened before maybe a universe before this did the same thing and the sudden clash of all the particals heated up and blew up causing the big bang and the creation of this universe.
  12. if you get a telescope for example hubble and look deep enough into space you see light and images from billions of years ago would it be possible if we looked far enough we could see the big bang?
  13. Isent time just measurement invented to see how long it took you to win the 100m sprint like a cm or a metre we wouldn't be arguing if a cm had physical essence or not so what makes time any different isent it just a measurement?
  14. so is it like matter=10 anti-matter=-10 there the same digit just different charges
  15. I was wondering what anti-matter is and what its relationship with normal matter is any one know?
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