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  1. Wolfman

    Cell Phones

    I dont know for a fact that cell phones cause canzer but I can beleive it. Everytime I forget and leave my cell phone next to the tv and it goes off the tv gets really bad reception so it definitely gives of something, so holding it next to your ear everyday for years could do something.
  2. Cartoons are not the issue today with kids.. its Rap music videos!!! haha its true. Thats what they try to emulate.
  3. I think what your saying is on the right track. What about sensitive people could they maybe be more likely to have psychic abilities?
  4. You guys pretty much said it all but if I may add my 2 cents. We also gotta keep in mind that the Olympics is every 4 years so I cant think that well right now cause I just woke up but Im sure that contributes to something. I will be back later haha.
  5. Quantum Leap.... and mystery science theater 3000. But since they werent on pole I voted for X-files.
  6. nonbeleivers...read my quote underneath.....please
  7. Yes and even then it wouldnt be 100% accurate.
  8. I dont disagree with dreamlord but there is more to it. Its not so much what you think about because I dont think about half the stuff I dream. I beleive that your feelings project images that are related to how you feel. Dreams are symbolic to your feelings, its just your subconscious way of translating your feelings.
  9. I didnt think about it before but when we do get to the point were the AI is really advanced like a humans intelligence or more, then I bet the military is gonna try to get a piece; make them fight their wars, make android soldiers. Eventhough it sounds far fetched.Your probbably thinking aww his talking about a movie; well all I can say is that its possible and I wanna be alive to see it!
  10. what happens when you hold your breath for too long is you pass out but then you automatically start breathing again. I think alot of us have expirience in that when we were kids, I know I did.
  11. Now everybody knows that aliens came down to earth in their big spaceship with our DNA and created us.
  12. Im only picking this one because I find its home prefference funny. Crabs
  13. definitely the SUN because thanks to it Im alive. thanks Sun.
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