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  1. Latios

    Prime Problem

    I am not too good with prime number theorems, so I have no idea how to find a proof for this equation. Can you point me to a ceratin direction or give me a web site on the topic please?
  2. Latios

    Prime Problem

    So would that in turn indicate that all prime numbers have irrational roots? And what's the reason that equation has no solution?
  3. Latios

    Prime Problem

    Is there a particular solution to this equation: N=p^2/q^2, where N is any prime number and p and q are two intergers.
  4. Hihi! Good to see you here, how are you?
  5. What about an organism that can absorb materials from space and convert them into energy for biological processes? It seems that space is full of yummy inorganic materials, if an organism were able to convert these inorganic stuff into energy, I don't see why it can't live in outer space. And about the water freezing problem, these organism can, in theory, convert inorganic material to heat, which prevents it from freezing. This creature seem too unlikely to be true.....
  6. I and someone was discussing something about entropy and energy transfer, etc. stuff when we came to the conclusion that energy can't be transfered from one isolated system to another. That we know. But can the isolated system transfer energy within itself? And can it if it's in absolute zero in the first place? I know that no motion exists at 0 K, so the isolated system should not have any energy to transfer at all. But according to the Uncertainty Principle, energy particles can pop up from all of nowhere and disappear very quickly. Wouldn't that cause energy transfer to take place? My questions seem confusing, isn't it? Well, please answer as best as you can.
  7. Do you like psychology then? If you do, why not stick to it? If you do not really like it, then why waste your attention and money on it at all?
  8. Is there such things as 5d shapes? Well, I would prefer to know some interesting properties of a hypercube.
  9. Latios


    I do not think the exact value of pi is still unknown is because we have limited instruments. I believe there's a prove somewhere that put pi at the realm of irrationa numbers, which should mean that it will never end in digits after the decimal. We don't know the exact value of pi is because its exact value does not actually exist, and its corresponding representation should therefore be remain imaginary.
  10. I suppose my question was too general in prospectives; however, I think that was my point in this poll, to be considerate to all prospectives. One must conside all sides of something in order to make a conclusion on something, that's what I believe. And about the selling of mature games to minors, I guess the government is just being considerate to children's health, that's all.
  11. What about the fact that we have emotions? I believe that alone separate humans from other known animals, since unless I am wrong, emotions are not programs in other animals' brains. Why's that I do not know.
  12. That's not really that long, since I read something about the next Ice Age being a few hundred years away. And a few hundred years is nothing, consider the fact that man had walk the Earth for quite a long time.
  13. Hmmm...... Perhaps one can maximize the effect of Placebo Effect.... Could this effect be paraphased as: One can do anything if one believes? If it can, then I should be able to finally move my feet behind my head! Just a crazy thought......
  14. Latios


    I have a friend who mention to me today that he thinks that all irrational numbers are no more than concepts, since they don't seem to have any physical representation to describe themselves. If this is true, then what place does 0 and infinity fall in? It seem 0 is got to be a number since it's not irrational, but he said that there is no representation for 0 either. What's your opinion on the subject?
  15. Personally I think cartoons are great for children's health since they are somewhat educational and at the same time entertaining. But I know there are people who thinks otherwise, so give me your opinion about this matter.
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