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  1. You people make computer science look more dull and tedious than it is. When I joined my university, after the entrance test, I had a choice of any stream in any 1 of the 7 colleges. Why did I take computer science ? a) Its what most people in my position would take. b) It is highly lucrative. c) It is the most sought after course. d) It is extremely interesting, with applications in nearly every field now. I do agree that you have to be from a good university (which I am lucky to be in - the best in the country), but once you satisfy that good university criterion, isn't a cs graduate expected to earn more than a maths graduate ?
  2. I have studied about balls in a course on metric spaces. I understand that they are (a)in general very hard to visualise (b) not always circular even in 2/3 dimensions. What I really want to know is wether in maths there is defined an extension into n dimensions for most geometrical entities. I have heard about n dimensional spheres, the notion of distance here, is it the same definition as we have in 2/3 dimensions ? , or like metric spaces it is also customized ?
  3. If i try and install linux on my laptop, making it a dual boot, is thereany potential problem that I will face or is there no difference between installation on laptops and desktops ?
  4. I bought a laptop a week ago. I got a compaq presario 2200 series. 1.5 Ghz centrinho with 512 RAM, more than good enuf for me. gives 3 hr battery backup.cost me 2100 Singapore dollars and 0 duty.
  5. Again i don't think thats true
  6. Converse is not true. Contra-positive : I don't understand what exactly you mean by that.
  7. Pop-up blockers do block out this particular window, I know out of experience. Easy solution : Allow all pop-ups on gmail Lots of things in gmail are through pop-up windows so this is a good idea.
  8. I heard its a 250 page proof. So much for simplicity ! Theres a similar goliath of a proof in group theory for the theorem "all finite simple non-abelian groups are of even order".
  9. If someone has the brains to write a "masterpiece" of a virus, then that person shouldn't be writing viruses. By bugging and annoying other people there is not much that one achieves. The same intellect could've been used for something worthwhile. Its not a game, you are causing people financial loss. I would also add, that making an OS that has as many loopholes ready to be exploited as windows has, and then marketing it as windows has been marketed is no less a crime.
  10. I thought maths for higher dimensions was well defined, although I myself have no experience in this field, but have heard of it on several occasions. Could this not be a 4-d surface/volume ?
  11. Just out of inquistiveness, roughly how many people understand/know the proof of fermat's last theorem ?
  12. I hope you don't have a pop-up blocker. When you click on invites, a pop-up comes up prompting you to fill in the email address to which to send the invite.
  13. It has a different pigment and not chlorophyll. If you are not interested in plants and their study, doesn't mean nobody else isn't
  14. Calling it an abnormality makes it sound very harsh and severe. It is only one of the irregularities that make every individual different. For eg. my eyes tend to water when i laugh really hard (not crying for happiness just plain old laughing).
  15. I think it would be sensible not to open it to public. As it is by this point most people are in contact with someone or the other who has a gmail account and it would be easy to get a gmail account. Opening it to the public would un-necessarily clog up their systems, with people doing all sorts of crap like opening multiple accounts. Plus its somewhat limited availablity has built around it a sort of charm as well.
  16. As far as money is concerned I would think Comp Science is still up there. Thats one of the reasons why I am doing comp science.
  17. Yes. New recruits to call centres are taught how to speak in an American accent. They pretend to be American, because that seems to be more acceptable to customers.
  18. I agree that the proofs to such results may appear to most to be quite trivial, but they certainly don't constitute any substantial part of group theory. The fact is you won't be able to prove something that you can't fully understand, and to make a school student understand and appreciate fully the beauty of group theory is far from an easy task. As I said earlier, even the simplest examples are beyond the scope of school curiculum.
  19. pulkit

    E = mc EE 2 ?

    No ! When one generates electricity all that is done is give electrons energy and a net "drift velocity" in a direction opposite to current.
  20. Totally variable. Some get them the first time they log into gmail, others have to wait upto a month.
  21. Acctualy I do that but I use about 4 different internet browsers so that often defeats the purpose.
  22. I would definately like to know what you call simple in that case. Even the basic examples of groups such as symmetric groups and quternian groups would be hard to explain.
  23. 1) Only Carl speaks the truth and dave did it 2) Impossible. For if atmost one is false then atleast two of Carl,Bob and dave ought to have done it, which is contradictory to the fact that only one person did it. 3) 2 possibilities : a) Andy and Dave tell the truth and Carl did it b) Bob and Dave tell the truth and Bob did it
  24. Sure is addicting. I keep logging in 3/4 times a day. I think I got ¨forarrhea¨
  25. As for the labelling, it is exactly what it sounds to be. Instead of putting mails in folders you put labels on your emails. These labels are user defined tags, for eg. you could define labels like : photos, joke, work etc. etc. An email can be associated with any number of these labels. After doing this you can "archive" your message whereby it moves away from your inbox and into this big unorganised section called all mail. Now if I click on a label, all mails with which I had asociated that label would be listed. This is much better than having folders, because now you can put mail in multiple categories. Plus you can put up filters which will automatically sort out your incoming mail and apply labels to them as per your wish. THis is an extremely good feature, wherein all mails I recieve witha subject containing the words "_____" would automaitcally be labelled and archived. The fact is that to search for mail, I can either look at my label listings or simply do a google search on my all mails collection. After all is said and done, emails are organised to a far greater extent than is possible in yahoo and hotmail.
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