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  1. heating diomands is possible but it has the highest melting point of any natural subsytance i think
  2. whats the point of spending thousands if not millions on sending your body into space were instead you can keep the money have a nice beriul and leave the rest of your money to your family surely this makes more sence
  3. i heard that virgin are planing to make commertial flight to space by 2008 and apparently the trip will last for about 3 hours but the price is about £100'000
  4. what stated out as just me being curious has turned into an argument pkese cary on with rubbish my aim is to be my friens record of 130 replys
  5. 5605

    are atoms real

    are there such things as atoms electrons protons and neutrons or are they just something your tought and then told that there just big versions of subatomic particles
  6. dont use the word purpose im talking about pointless
  7. if something has a purpose then surly it has a point they basically have the same meening and im sure hackers can use viruses to destroy others computers anyway it was just an example
  8. there not pointless to all people if your a hacker then you would think they were pointless there point is to muck up computers by pointless i meant not point at all so viruses don't fall in that catagory
  9. what is the most pointless computer software every made just curious / and the most advanced software if known
  10. thanks for the info it was usefull
  11. whats the difference between covelant bonding and ionic bonding explain what both are please
  12. i'm guessing its a settings problem but would need to know whats wrong in more detail to be sure
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