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  1. Imagine a hypothetical situation where absolute zero is indeed achieved. In this situation does theory predict all motion to cease or will motion still exsist. I ask this bcoz of the following two points (which i found to b slitely contradictary) : 1. Kinetic energy of atoms is directly proportional to temperature, hence abs 0 shud imply no motion. 2. In quantum mechanix, the heisenberg principle would not allow for such a situation however bcoz that wud mean no uncertainty in either position or momentum. Where am I going wrong ?
  2. Diamonds have a terahedral 3-D structure with each carbon atom linked to four others. Graphite has a Heaxagonal layered structure with each carbon atom linked to three others. It is these layers that are teh weak points as they tend to easily slide over each other. Not surprisingly, when substances end up with the 3-d tetrahedral diamond like structure they tend to be hard, another example would be Silicon Carbide
  3. About the algorithms, I am pretty sure that one for factoring large numbers has been figured out. This is primarily why I find this field extremely fascinating, becoz such an algorithm wud immediately mean that the popular RSA system of encryption wud be rendered completely useless It still however seems to be a field in which a lot of research is happening and there isn't too much text available in print
  4. In a recent college lecture, we were briefly introduced to the concept of quantum computers...... Frankly at first it all seemed out of a science fiction novel, a computer being in various states at once and the concept of a Qubit....... Could ne1 please tell me how far do we stand today in this field, and wat sort of technology has yet been achieved, becoz as far as I know there have already been some interesting algorithms written to run on q-computers
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