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  1. If you want to calculate the pressure, you will need to integrate. The net force on the any body submerged will be vertically upward through the centroid of the volume submerged (Bouyancy).
  2. Why don't you just get hold of a book ! I don't think the web is the best place to try and learn maths from. Whats Riemann's hypothesis ?
  3. Alpha particles and beta particles both ionise and penetrate metals. Penetrating power of beta rays is more than alpha rays but alpha rays have a greater ionising power.
  4. pulkit

    Hurricane Ivan

    With all these hurricanes around, don't your houses get messed up each time ? I don't ever even have decent wind speeds here in Delhi, and I used to crib about it, now no more !
  5. Theres no question of getting back weaker crystals on re-solidifacation, because all you will end up with in carbon dioxide, which will NOT condense back into a diamond ) Diamonda are much harder to burn than coal, what confirms that they are carbon is the fact that they release carbon dioxide on burning.
  6. There are two common mynah species that you can observe absolutely anywhere in India, They are the common mynah and the bank mynah. One has a yellow colouring around the eyes and yellow legs on a dark brown body (common mynah), whilst the other is nearly identical except that its colour is orange and not yellow (bank mynah). They are often seen together as well. As for the hill mynah I am quite certain that it hasn't been spotted in India in the last century. The Sarus crane (the name is kinda funny coz sarus in hindi means crane, so its more like the Crane Crane) is the largest bird in India. It is quite a large bird (I have had the pleasure of observing it in the wild). Another large bird found in the desert areas is the Indian Bustard, though sadly its quite an endangered one now.
  7. I was under the belief that 2s to 1s did not take place, only possibility was 2p to 1s. If does happen then I must agree that there have to be 2 photons involved.
  8. The plot I felt was revealed a bit too quickly, and the shock value was hardly exploited after building an hour of suspense. It turned out to be an anti-climax of sorts. Though it wasn't as good as the 6th sense, I will definately give it another go at the cinema hall.
  9. Technically speaking electrical impulses are short bursts of high voltage or current.You should rephrse it as "electrical signals"
  10. I think it should be understood as that if you cry then you are experiencing intense emotions. If you do not cry, then theres nothing to be said as you are literally giving nothing away. It certainly doesn't mean that you aren't/can't be experiencing extreme emotions. Crying is a physical result of extreme emotion that only a certain fraction of people experience.
  11. Just downloaded and saw the village. Though classic M.Night Shayamalam it certainly didn't live upto his previous movies atleast as per me. What do you think ?
  12. My laptop isn't there because its a new model thats just been released, maybe I should just contact the hp guys. I know it can lead to problems, thats why I don't wanna fiddle around with it.
  13. I don't think its possible without a finite time delay Hence it can't be simultaneous in time.
  14. different hardware needs different approaches http://www.linux-on-laptops.com
  15. Obviously you have no experiene with laptops. I have linux cds with me, but installation on laptops is not as straight forward as that on desktops, which is precisely why I ask. Especially so because this particular model has been designed for win xp and not linux
  16. Installed mandrake 10 on my home pc today. Find it very nice to work in. I have Fedora Core installed in all my colege labs, and decided to give mandrake a try as an alternative for my home pc. Now theres a new issue. I just bought a new laptop (compaq presario 2223AP), can someone tell me how to go about installing linux on it ?
  17. Only when it has a transition state in between which it shall attain for a brief but finite period of time. Simultaneous emission is not possible.
  18. Yes of course, but believe me that these "out sourced" jobs are not extremely attractive, they involve working through the night and compared to what you may earn there in the US, the guy here would earn just peanuts (partly why they out source here). People like me would still be US-bound after college looking for a masters degree and then a job after that.
  19. When i said fooled i meant that they bring up young cuckoos thinking they are little crows. What do you mean by sayin that humans are fooled too ??
  20. Axiomatic set theory can be used to define integers, rationals and real numbers and to prove the properties of operations on these "numbers" such addition and mutiplication, where the properties include associativity, commutativity etc. The best thing is that you can reduce everything to the most basic level of predicates and propositions and work on them using logical operators of conjunction, disjunction and negation.
  21. You leave me intrigued. What exactly triggered that post ?
  22. How about trying to put its processors in parellel with your exsisting one ? I never tried myself with my spare processor, but tell me if you find a decent way to do it.
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