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  1. I have finally made a break through on the Collatz conjecture. Although I still cannot prove the conjecture, my work has allowed me to create two new challenges, one which will be the toughest one yet... I'll have them posted as soon as I can find the time to write them up. :D

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    2. Unity+


      And scratch the previous statement about evens not equaling an odd times 2^x. 1 * 2^x would fit the statement.

    3. Daedalus


      Unity+, please see the comment I posted to your thread regarding hailstone sequences starting with factors of three. I can show that 9 will reduce to 7. 3(9)+1 = 28. 28 / 2^2 = 7. Thus, 7 does not start the hailstone sequence.

    4. Daedalus


      Furthermore, 2^x does produce even numbers, but not all of them as it is easy to show that all even number are based on odd numbers and factors of two.

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