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  1. Okay so taking into account we have the tools but no knowledge of how to accomplish this feat quite yet, Is it probable to speculate that if and when the ethic community will allow such experiments to happen on average how long do you think it would take to successfully achieve this goal? ( Basic time line ) 5yrs 15 yrs 1000yrs ec...
  2. Looks like someone needs a drink....... Try a triple captain and coke on the rocks incendia.
  3. But your saying with current technology we can pretty much accomplish this feat already? As an individual do you think its unethical?
  4. This may seem a bit uncanny, However i feel as science starts to extend into the deep of the unknown as far as being capable of certain things such as genetic altering. And yes this derives from the movie planet of the apes but raises a good question in my opinion. Is this currently possible to somehow inject, influence development in apes in order to give them human like quality's such as speech, rational thinking problem solving and so on. And when if ever will this be a possibility? If it becomes possible i feel a sort of taboo and 'playing' God scenario. would it be right for the sake of science or ethically wrong? And is there just some things that will never happen i look forward in hearing some educated opinions from the sfn members. Thanks ahead of time.
  5. need something to jog my brain

  6. (((( how, exactly, did you become friends? grew up together. ))) Don't get me wrong i like my friends, It just becomes a hassle to just talk about anything non "idiot" related. And ill find myself in social settings being a ( loner ) i suppose due to the lack of obsession with social networking and going through the same list of bars they map out sun-mon. Does anyone here know of any real study about the correlation between those who are (socially) intelligent as opposed to those who are (mentality) intelligent? For example: A individual's characteristics being a social butterfly and more associated with that life style, As opposed to someone who study's more often than not and prefers to watch educational shows than reality TV. This i believe to be a very interesting relation to the way people's behavior is and why. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. They move around a lot, My wife is pregnant and my soon to be son tumbles all day he/ she just has to be head down to birth or the doctors my go in turn him or c section.
  8. But if the ( alive zombies ) Were in fact infected by an air born chemical agent that tended to spread very fast and by any means as of water, air etc.. That somehow transformed them into alive brainless flesh eating idiots the problem i believe would lie with trying to out live the infection of the world as opposed to attempting to waste a lot of ammo on almost dead beings.
  9. Caught myself in a brain drain moment lately, I have worked with many individuals in the past and their were always the village idiot's who everyone "likes'' Or however you choose to word it. My question is this, People who are above average in intelligence maybe not genius but have the ability to think outside the box and have a great ability to learn in an instant plus having the natural attraction to details. In my experiences this has handicapped me in most social environments. For example "friends" gather for whatever reason they are wrapped up mindless conversation which has no purpose so i am ultimately left out or have nothing to contribute and if i do contribute my two sense it usually comes off as harsh. Also when a subject matter comes up and i just so happen to know the answer/solution to their issue they seem to get annoyed. Was just curious as to some of sfn members have ever experienced this isolation sorta speak and how do you overcome/ integrate you with general society.
  10. The world has changed many ways since the dawn of time, I was curious as to what else is left and whats the next era? Scientific era? space era or what.
  11. i believe in alien life, however my biggest question is why are they in effect : hiding: they should just make a grand appearance and go cabang...... welcome to earth.....
  12. simple, copy & paste walla.....
  13. my mercedes already has a cooler...... for beverages.
  14. understood, im thinkning more along the lines of will there come a point when the content on the web is so vast it becomes un controllable ex. the programs to hack fbi cia data bases are just as easy as typing an email and pretty much nothings a secret. the end result being letting secret information into the wrong hands and the accesability is to great to track which in turn could spawn a new group of terrorist, somthing along those lines not so much general information becoming dangerous.
  15. I suppose my main concern here is there too much content at to much ease for society? can it evolve to be dangerous at some point?
  16. really? Bruce lee is King of butt kicking! everyone knows that...
  17. I find myself quite frequently using google all day every day with out exception, And it seems all information needed for everyday activities, issues, questions, thoughts, directions anything literly can be found using this search engine. To my understanding this is not the end of google as we know it but as the web continues to expand everyday the more content thats added the information appeares to be endless. Can this in turn help people learn faster? and can this have any possible negitive effects on people, society or anything?
  18. *demonstartion of power* not war...... Peace to the middle east.............not war...... we dont want their oil just ensure we can *share* it forever..... A enormous IMO!!!
  19. TonyMC, i myself play ( shoot em up ) games and as an adult i find them very fun to play, i think the interest in them spawns from a males way to dominate the so called playing field and as an added factor its more or less an interest in things that most people in the real world would never do. And its a great social thing for those who have kids or not much time to hang out they jump on the net talk to players and in a sense socialize through the game. And i agree that cartoons are way off in left field from what they should be watching. I dont believe that all cartoons should be like teletubbies or barney but take the violence out of them there are a ton of interesting topics in life besides violence. I dont feel that a childs behaviour has a complete effect from just the cartoons watched but may not help it. Make the kids play outside and explore there surroundings and exercise there brain in healthy ways.
  20. Matt880, I dont understand why you insist on asking the same question over and over again, You have recieved mutiple answer on everything you have asked. The best resource in this circumstance is the police. That is unless you are the guilty party in some sort, the video tape was the best measure to resolve your issue at hand and yet it was not the answer seeked. Many here have named a few ( companys) Which by the way have you heard of www.google.com its a great tool try to use it, takes 30 seconds compared to a few hours that it takes to post and get a response in this ( emergency poisoning mystery) to have come here for help and snubbed every logical solution it appeares you are not truly seeking answers just some sort of way to test a certin drug and see if it comes up on forensic lab reults. Cherio........
  21. This is in regards to a great sock mystery, im sure everyone knows what im speaking of here. I buy socks all ten pairs of them and within a week im missing half! This has gone on forever! Any help in the location and wharabouts of these socks? Under the dryer possibly but none under mine. left on the beach hardly only sandles, nobody borrows my clothing so thats out. Anybody have the same issue here? Or is this just another conspericy?
  22. i have considered this option for a little while now, however i have tried them and find them to be more harsher than a normal smoke. So the enjoyment is lessend and the danger i believe is too early to be assesed. It wouldnt suprise me if the fda found out it can cause cancer just like everything else.
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