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  1. i am in my last school year and i am in a real bind i have 4 interests cause everyone says "choose what you like the most". number 1:computer and technology thats what i am best at i have been working with computers for almost everyday in my life. number 2:occult i have a HUGE fascination on the occult and i know alot about it. number 3:i dont really know where this fits but alchemy or better said chemestry i find it easy to understand and i like it since my idol is Paracelsus. number 4:philosofy i have also an interest in it. i just want some advice cause,i mean its my life this is the end of the road no more just going to school i need a career oh and BTW i really really suck at math
  2. i mean can you run fast with feet and hands like an animal? because in movies and cartoons humans run like a dog or somthing but would our spine not allow that? just want an opinion maybe with practice?
  3. i have been going crazy why cant i make 1 finger make circles 1 way and the other backwards and noone i know can do it its really frustrating any way i can accomplish this feat and amaze everyone?
  4. i am thinking in pursuing a career in robotics but i am not sure about it what will i learn there will i learn cool stuff or boring stuff, like teaching to make gadgets and things like that and how much math skill do i need because i have 0 math skills
  5. i love playing,watching movie and games that are based on zombies but then i start to get paranoid like if i ever face one or more how hard would it be to kill them assuming they are rotten bodies just walking and the outbreak having the entire world roaming with them leaving my life pointless to live on anymore and things like that could anyone explain to me that maybe zombies arent in anyway possible to be brought to life.like a human being is hard to kill what about zombies would they be even harder killing one would be hell but fighting an entire army of them so yeah i know "dont watch zombie stuff" but it is stronger than me please help
  6. i have noticed that in movies and anime people are always able to dash at incredible speed and they doge to amazing distances then i got curious how fast can human go without machines ?
  7. i have been wondering for some time what would happen if a mentaly illed person was put face to face to her illness for example a person thinks that at midnight is going to turn into a werewolf if someone would restrain that person and show that nothing happened what would happen? i doubt that the person will realize it wasnt true maybe he/she would go even more insane has to get mentaly "broken"and starts killing people
  8. can someone tell about some chemistry books i want to learn everything there is about it it preferebly with experiments,components of things.
  9. Abreu

    the brain

    as i dont understand nothing about science or anything like it but i am curious about the human brain what is the mind and where is it located? what is its limit and what would happen if we went over the cerebral limit? do we have a natural cerebral block that keeps our brain at a lower lvl? if our brain worked faster would time change? a second wouldnt be a second? could the mind affect things in the outside of the body?
  10. what would happen if we put human sperm into a chicken or any other animal and vice-versa?
  11. if the samurai saw the ninja he woud be good as dead
  12. i beleive the samurai would kill the ninja beause ninja isnt a sure thing he works in stealth,the samurai in the other hand has honor and pride who would boost him mentaly but would a samurai be able to slice a ninja in half with one sword hit?
  13. O.0 didnt understand a thing but it seems quite hard to make it work again especially if when you die the cell "breaks" the chain gets broken a question that always had people thinking but someday we will be able to do it i hope not tough
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