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  1. i heard there is a zero gravity on the centre of earth
  2. Yes, I have heard. I heard that the ship sank was actually an Olympic, not titanic but they replaced the titanic with olympic because the titanic wasn't finished, so....i'm not really sure but I guess providing links to you guys won't do any harm.... also, i have heard that the steel that made the Titanic was high in sulphur...which made the steel very brittle in the cold.....right? http://olympic.txc.net.au/OlympicTitanicTheTruthBehindTheConspiracy/index1.html http://www.euronet.nl/users/keesree/conspir.htm http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0806518901/026-5465218-1390009 http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0711026335/026-5465218-1390009 http://www.historychannel.com/titanic/ Here is the documentary "Titanic the ship that never sank"... http://www.putfile.com/sauron/media Another movie... http://media.putfile.com/The-Titanic-leaving-the-Thomson-Locks Enjoy watching & browsing
  3. Also, don't forget that humans are part of nature, that's why we have different colors, it was meant as beauty of nature. For instance, there is browns too, light-browned, white, dark-white, etc....
  4. Not racist at all, i can tell you're just observing or exploring for answers, it's all good the fact is that people who are black probably have been created in africa, and therefore in africa there's always sun and hot and which is probably made them black, from sun.............
  5. you can take your own legal actions, you know......lol......
  6. Sorry, I've been hella busy, didn't have time to check but am here now. So does this mean it's illegal to put a number in middle between two elements, right? And yes, i believe so that it's that to fix the chemical equations I appreciate for your support, AL, thanks
  7. Y-S

    sci fair

    Just do what you can...... Cheers, YS (lol)
  8. Okay, I have a question that I need to get my mind straight to this. I'm still kinda confused about it. Check this out, these a-m letters are supposed to fix the word equations (or "balances?"), these in pencil I wrote from the whiteboard. These in black, I put it in what was missing, led to my belief/thought on this. I'm not sure if these are correct.....and plus, check this out on a), it was written by a teacher (i put / on number 2, btw, cuz me and teacher were discussing on it on somethin)...the teacher says his on a) is 100% right and i'm not sure.....because i think Nsmall2+2Hsmall2>2NHsmall2 was supposed to be like Nsmall2+Hsmall2>2NHsmall2.......the compound has to be together with elements, right? So.....yeah On top, it's just an aswer i wrote to find which type reactions are. I'm willing to give a big props and appreciation to whoever helps me out! Thanks
  9. ^^^ what if that guard said tru?
  10. Y-S

    Cool Facts

    Lol, i'm sure there are some fake facts that have been said in this thread or someone can be probably making it up or guessing and saying it here
  11. Y-S


    hey, there are some soaps that can be/are unique molecular compound, though
  12. ice caps are already happening fast
  13. Aight, well but still glucose can cause some bad blood or somethin, though
  14. Ahem, excuse me but how do you get scholarships lol?
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