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    Bloody Mary thing

    I ain't trying s***, I'm good lol I mean i can do it if i wanna but I'm good lol I came across this tho..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O5qNn5EEPw prolly fake... Here's the article I came across too... The supernatural game Bloody Mary has gained immense popularity over the past couple of years. It seems that every group of teenage girls that get together all delight in trying to invoke the evil spirit of Bloody Mary by daring each other to go into the bathroom, face the mirror and chant Bloody Mary three times - there is story after story of girls running out hysterical and never speaking of what happened alone in the bathroom after chanting. But the questions most asked remain to be answered - Where did this game come from? What actually happens when you chant Bloody Mary?, I have endeavored to do a bit of research and find out some more information for those who dare to enter the bathroom and play this supernatural game. The game has been featured in the media quite a bit - You can see a similar version in an episode of X-files, "The Forbidden" (Books of Blood, Vol.5) by Clive Barker has the game in it, the film was later used as a basis for the motion picture "Candyman". Other movies such as The Craft feature the girls having a go at it and also the characters in the film Urban Legend. SO YOU'D LIKE TO HAVE A GO AT IT YOURSELF? WHAT DO I DO TO PLAY BLOODY MARY? The most common version is to enter the bathroom BY YOURSELF (don't you dare take your giggling girlfriends along!). Either lock yourself in there or shut the door, turn out the lights and then light a candle either in front of the mirror directly in front of you or light 2 candles either side of the mirror. Close your eyes and concentrate, slowly chant "Bloody Mary" three times and see what happens. I can't guarantee that you will ever return from the bathroom. OTHER VERSIONS The amount of Chants always changes - it can be repeated anywhere from one time to 100 times (I think if you had to chant anything more than 5 times you'd start seeing stuff - especially if you spin round at the same time). Do the bathroom/candle thing - Chant "Bloody Mary" thirteen times in front of the mirror. You could also use a mirror in a darkened room with candles but the bathroom always works best - Chant "Bloody Mary" whilst spinning around - your voice should start off quietly and gain voice as you spin round, catch a glimpse of the mirror each time you pass it - on the thirteenth chant the spirit will (supposedly) be summoned. There is also the term "Hell Mary" instead of "Bloody Mary". Hell Mary is more associated with invoking Satan or a Demon. Three "Hell Marys" and the mirror will turn red, Five "Hell Marys" and the Demon or Satans image will appear in the mirror or the walls or even the floor. In the bathroom (again) chant "I don't believe in Mary Worth" 35 times, then say "I do believe in Mary Worth" - Mary Worth might come out and scratch your eyes out if your lucky. Bloody Mary doesn't always have the same name - it seems that earlier on she had the more common name of Mary Worth and Mary Willard, other names include Bloody Ted (who will hand out candy - go figure?), Mary Margaruite. There's a veronica who used the Ouija Board she used a pair of scissors as the planchette and got driven mad by the spirits and ended up killing herself by stabbing herself in the throat with her scissors. If you say her name three times in front of a mirror at midnight you will see her image in the mirror with the scissors still in her neck. If you play the Ouija and invoke her without taking the necessary precautions, she will come for you and kill you with her scissors. WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN? Well the end result could be anything really - I have warned many people over and over about invoking something that you are not able to deal with so BE WARNED - anything could happen - for some nothing will happen but depending on your psychic and clairvoyant abilities (which you may not know you have) you could have a range of weird and whacky things happen. So far I've been told of these things happening: The most common result- Bloody Mary (who is NOT a nice spirit) appears drenched in blood, reaches her arms out of the mirror towards you and scratches your eyes out or your face or your body. The spirit appears in the mirror with a mauled decomposing face. The spirit may strike you dead. You may go insane. Evil red eyes are seen in the mirror and sometimes the mirror and walls could bleed. The spirit is said to be able to pull you through the mirror (I don't think anyone would enjoy this). Some have said to run out of the bathroom with bleeding hands and scratches on them. Many have run out terrified and will not speak of what happened. There are plenty of stories of schoolgirls being found dead at school or dead in the restrooms with their eyes gouged out. The spirit may slash all your friends throats then come after you. You could be compelled to slash your own throat or your friends. It seems there's a never ending list of gruesome things that can happen if you dare to invoke this spirit. Just imagine something nasty and know that if you do go ahead with this game you might encounter that nasty thought for real! WHO IS BLOODY MARY? For some strange reason nobody can seem to find anything on this spirit before 1970. It seems Mary gained popularity in the 1970's as a mirror witch. She was a witch that was executed (burnt at the stake) over 100 years ago (of course nobody knows the date - it's always 100 years) for plying the black arts. She readily makes her spirit available to be summoned by any amount of giggling teenage girls (and sometimes boys - although I doubt they giggle about it) whenever they get together for a sleep over. Another story is that she was a women who dealt heavily with black magic who died in a local car accident with her face hideously mutated. She is always evil looking and either drenched in blood or has long sharp nails. Her appearance (hair colour/eye colour) is never described - I'd imagine it would all be covered in blood anyway. IF SHE'S SO EVIL WHY WOULD YOUNG KIDS AND TEENAGERS WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME? Well I guess kids will be kids - Why do children run around in the dark playing other supernatural games? - I guess deep down inside everyone knows it probably isn't real - they know they are most probably not going to see anything or really get their throats cut - how many articles to do you see on the news or in the paper of people playing "Bloody Mary" and dying? Children and teenagers realize this, hearing of such a wicked and frightening game I guess they all delight in picking one friend, shoving them in the bathroom and making them do this - I know that when I was a teenager I would of done it. The reward is for their friend to accidently see their own reflection (or in rare occurrences something supernatural) and totally freak out and make a run for it - what better story can you have than that to impress all your friends with? It can also be a test of courage and anyone brave enough who would go in alone to invoke a devil or evil spirit could use this as a sure fire way to simply impress the rest of their friends. It's said that these "mirror witch" games could have their roots in divining rituals from 100's of years ago, unmarried girls would chant in a darkened room on a certain night and quickly look in the mirror for their future husband - The Ouija Board also has a history of girls using it to find out who they will marry, this is a common game still to this day - nearly every girl asks that question of the Ouija Board even though it is considered a dangerous and supernatural tool, no girls curiosity can be held off with tales of terror and evil ghosts and spirits. I think what I'm really trying to say is that I have no idea - kids just do this kind of stuff. WARNING: One of the most common results of this game is a deep psychological fear of mirrors that can start at an early age if a young person gets dragged into the game when they are not ready to deal with these sorts of things - I have received quite a few emails from adults who still to this day have an intense fear of mirrors and suffered severe anxiety when having to use the bathroom as a young child or teenager. I caution anyone not to simply pick on a friend and shove them in the bathroom, refusing to let them out until they have done the chant - you may be causing harm to this person that is extremely difficult to undo and it may plague that person for the rest of their life. I do not in any way condone or encourage anyone to participate in this game - the information is merely put up here for those who wish to know - if they don't find this information on my page there are plenty of other sites on the Internet where you can find out about the game of BLOODY.
  2. Y-S

    Bloody Mary thing

    Lol I'm for real though....oh well
  3. holograms prolly does exist, they just don't want to let people know or either not ready to annouce it public........there's prolly more than holograms in the world than what you, or anybody thinks
  4. Ya I know but I mean, what if it's for real? Ya never know...I think it's prolly fake too...
  5. Y-S

    Bloody Mary thing

    Check this out also freaky s*** i tell ya
  6. How ya know? Well, I don't see any evidence or statement or anything that supports "no" lol?
  7. whoa, i found this is that for real?
  8. Is it true? Like, if you go only yourself in the bathroom and turn the lights off and bring the candles with you and light them up and place them in front of mirror and that making sure the door is shut......and you look yourself in the mirror and chant "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" repeadetly until something happens........lol I dunno
  9. Well, Iran probably wants oil from Iraq so that's prolly why they offering help to Iraq
  10. Hey, what's up, I have a question... I'm wondering, how can you spend your scholarship money? Is it like free money that you can spend on clothing, or whatever? And if you got the scholarship for a post-education, I don't see how the scholarships can help you if courses or taking years at uni or college cost like 50,000$ and scholarships give you like 500$, or 1,000$? What are scholarships for? What's so special about them? Sorry, I'm new at this sh!t
  11. Y-S


    Here I am doing a final review for test.... I've got a problem, i'm not sure how to solve these...these are questions 1. How many centimeters are there in 1 yard? 2. Convert 5'11'' to meters 3. Convert 5.2 million square feet to square yards. 4. Convert 5.2 million square feet to square meters 5. Convert 763.04 miles per hour to kilometers per hour 6. Convert 85 kilograms to pounds 7. Convert 16 liters to galloons That's all, just 7 questions....... lol Help would be appreciated, thanks
  12. Y-S


    Aight thanks a lot you two not a problem at all, phi - all good
  13. Y-S


    If you fail exam, you won't be able to pass your grade, right?
  14. lol welcome back 2 life
  15. stop playing games or watching porn
  16. Y-S


    This word... for example, you work from 9 to 5 and your shift is 9 to 5, right?
  17. Good looks on this, thanks Ecoli.
  18. Lol hmm.....i guess that traits are the genetic characteristics (hair color, eye color, etc.) and inherited means like, input? That has been passed from parents' genotypes into you? Right?
  19. perhaps some pedigrees would help.......
  20. Hello, I've got a question...what is that mean exactly? "Name three traits you inherited"? Thanks
  21. Y-S


    Appreciate for your help ecoli, thanks a lot - much props
  22. cause it's the beauty of nature, baby!
  23. if student is throwing a football, and some body's energy is not used for throwing the ball, what happens to this waste energy? And what would the input energy, converter and output energy would be? Thanks, would appreciated for help... i think the input would be glucose....... and output would be muscles i'm not sure bout converter though
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