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  1. Received my first Moderna vaccination tonight. The pharmacy had a handful leftover they needed to stick in someone by the end of the night. 😁

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    2. zapatos


      Not only that but I worked out with a dumbbell yesterday. I feel vigorous! 🤣

    3. MigL


      Finally got a booking for my first dose of Pfizer/Moderna on May 3;
      had to book it in a different city ( Hamilton ) about 45 min away, as they were all accounted for in the Niagara Region.
      May also get the Astra-Zeneca which is available at a local pharmacy.

    4. zapatos


      That's great MigL! I was really surprised how much better I feel knowing I've got my first dose. I know I can still get sick but knowing it won't kill me makes me less nervous around those many people who don't wear a mask around here.

      I have my second dose scheduled for Saturday.

  2. Cora Louise! Granddaughter #3 born today.

    My siblings and I now have 10 grandchildren between us. All 10 are girls. 😍


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    2. zapatos


      Thanks Phi. Best to you and yours too. 

    3. sethoflagos



      Our 1st grandchild was born in Kuala Lumpur new year's eve 2019. We stopped off in the Netherlands on our way to see him and the Covid19 lockdowns began! We can still say hello via WhatsApp, but it isn't quite the same is it?

    4. zapatos


      Thanks! WhatsApp makes it a lot better than the old days but I agree it is not the same. Two of our granddaughters live about 8 hours away so we video chat with them but having them sit on your lap is definitely better! 😃

  3. Began tapping trees for making syrup. Today we tapped five Silver Maple and eight Black Walnut trees. Later this week we'll tap about 10 Black Maple trees.

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    2. zapatos


      Haha. Yeah, it was kind of like Grease. And you had to pay per person (not per car) so we'd also sneak people in by having them hide in the trunk of the car as we drove through the gate. Alas, I am 'only' 61. The drive-in theaters pretty much went away shortly after my youth.

    3. koti


      They are having a revive in the last years, at least here. Hipsters seem to love drive in theaters.

    4. Moontanman


      I was aware that black walnut trees could be tapped, an amazing number of trees can be, I didn't think it was done much anymore! KUDOs to you! 


  4. Was watching my son's dogs while he was on vacation, and they raided my chicken coop. Ripped the siding off to get in.

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    2. imatfaal


      I have known farmers lose entire semi-commercial size coops to foxes - and not a single bird eaten or taken, just killed. It is, as you say, a frenzy

    3. zapatos


      An interesting thing I discovered since we've had chickens, is that they have individual personalities. Some like to be picked up and held, some are quite skittish, and I even have a video of one of the chickens playing with and chasing my dog (not my son's dog).

    4. StringJunky


      Apparently, if left the foxes will come back and take their kill as and when they need it. My Brother had a chicken as a house when we were young.

  5. Stan Musial died in St. Louis tonight. He was a great ball player, a great man, and will be sorely missed.

    1. rigney


      One of yhe greatest baseball players bar none. "Stan the Man" What else needs to be said?

    2. Mr Rayon

      Mr Rayon

      zapatos, very funny signature about the Holy Pin.

      Here is a little doco about Ayah Pin I found:


      I hope you'll watch it. I'd be interested to hear your opinions/views about it.

      Also, do you think the world is becoming more or less religious?

      What is the root cause of religion?

      Do you believe there was a strong need for Christianity/Islam/Hinduism/Buddhism etc to be created? What hidden motive could drive a bunch...

    3. Mr Rayon

      Mr Rayon

      ...of people to create such religions if they were really man-made?

  6. Re: your comments in "Abortion...".

    While I don't always agree with you I always find that you make quality, well thought out arguments. Well done.

    And I agree with you that you (or others with similar positions) are sometimes unfairly singled out. I think the same thing often happens to theists trying to argue their position.

  7. Excellent posts in "Taxes, are we ready for these new ones?". You very clearly present a side to this debate that I don't often see.

  8. On vacation in Mexico and stepped on a sting ray, who responded as you might expect. Holy crap! My pulse shot up to 135, heavy sweating, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Thank goodness Mexico has good doctors and good tequila!

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    2. zapatos


      I was hoping to have him for dinner to see how he liked it when I stuck a fork in him. I was lucky (I guess) that he hit me where he contacted a bone right away. I had no barbs stuck in my skin and I assume a reduced amount of toxins. I'll be visiting France next year. Maybe I'll have his cousin for dinner!

    3. Joatmon


      Bon appetit :-D

    4. Moontanman


      sting rays are cool in aquariums, I usually cut their stings off

  9. On vacation in Mexico and stepped on a sting ray, who responded as you might expect. Holy crap! My pulse shot up to 135, heavy sweating, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. Thank goodness Mexico has good doctors and good tequila!

  10. I'm honored to have you on my friends list!

  11. Outstanding post #25 in Morals. I believe you are spot on in your summary and questions. I whish I would have said it!


  12. Nice job explaining evidence to me. I thought my view of evidence was clean and you clearly pointed out the flaws in how I thought of it. I feel like I know more today than I did yesterday. Thanks!


  13. Just got back from visiting my mother. She turned 20 today!

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    2. Joatmon


      The bad news is she is unlikely to reach 27

    3. zapatos


      You got that right. And if the year 2000 hadn't been divisible by 400, she would only have been 19 this year!

    4. Moontanman


      Happy belated birthday to mom zapatos

  14. Greetings. I am liking your posts so far!

  15. At your recommendation I've acquired and have been reading the Feynman Lecture on Physics. Thanks for the great suggestion! I am getting a lot out of it.

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