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  1. last nights was the worst one yet; woke up with a cold sweat, couldnt get back to sleep
  2. Thats a compelling situation but it will not stop the phone calls, email or brochures sent via usps to my home.
  3. Oh the tragedy! Chased by followers of the cult that resemble Agent smith, but with more density and ignorance than a racist. I've actually developed a fear of scientology after hearing of their incessant antics and borderline harassment. Its just the words of lrh that resonate in my mind, to paraphrase breifly, his smoke test performed on bacteria essentially stating that its learned behavior. thats not even an experiment! the basis of my fear results from people so blindly and without question putting themselves in the hands of the scientologist healthcare (and belief system).
  4. which outcome has a greater occurence: having 4 rolls to land a six with one die, or having 36 rolls to land (2) 6's with 2 die?
  5. who if i remember, was a chemist that devised an extremely specific diet supplemented with vitamins and as a result, has not had any sign of diabetes since he started the regime.
  6. i would do it regardless of cost. the goal of a parent is to give the children the best life they can have. if your son or daughter came home from school upset that their classmates were making fun of them because they had an enormous nose that squeeked with each inhalation, and u saw how devastated your child was, u would do anything to fix their nose. realistically now, confronting the problem at school, with other parents, counseling; all short term solutions which will never ultimately give resolve to the matter. I would want for my children to have certain genetics that i carry; my intelligence, reasoning, and disposition. I would like for them to be free of disease, and i would like to prevent other things, such as balding, and suffice it to say, sexual characteristics not to be ashamed of. Self-esteem is lowered with inadequate ... size.
  7. how if natural selection favors the more adapted, advanced, practical organisms to survive, the transitional period in the development of a bird wing, and also the development of its hollow bones, to be to long a period of non-beneficiality, hence the organism would have died.
  8. seems creationists are more prone to writing with outbursts of anger. "Evolution is simply nonsense. This is so funny. We are then led to believe that some birds got tired of carrying around a worthless half-size wing so they grew fingers on the end to help climb trees. The wings became arms and a new species was developed. Evolutionists actually believe this nonsense." It appears as if its written with anger and insecurity guiding the person's fingers. Im writing a large thesis paper on evolution and the scopes trial; after accumulating a plethora of information and testimony, im now beginning to compute the data. When i come across articles like this one, i find that these creationists find holes in a theory; low diversity among cheetah dna? God created everything. Coelacanth found off madagascar? God created everything. Then, these accusations are self-supported using a quote from the bible as a means of justification, "Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created..., and that's why your ideas of evolution are wrong!" Its aking to using a word to define itself. Esoteric means to be esoteric..... (b/c god exists) I don't think many of us that believe in evolution would ultimately say God doesnt exist at all, u are absolutely wrong for thinking that. I do not attend church, pray, or consciously belief in a god, yet i see no need to vanquish the idea if i see evolution for what it is. http://www.biblelife.org/creation.htm i also found this one particularly interesting
  9. i've taken that class too. i found some vicks vapor rub under the nose was a sure-fire method to stay awake. moreso, i agree with your post. english majors are required to take a science course, albeit not a course that would qualify as a diploma credit course for a science major, nonetheless they have to take it. Are they any less a student than we are?
  10. nothingness can never exist. if the edge was a plausible goal, when it is passed, there can not be nothing. the idea of nothingness is impossible. once nothingness is entered, one becomes nothing. and that matter would have to become elementary particles or energy. and if that was the case, the nothingness would cease to be composed of nothing.
  11. if u want to remain in close contact with these people, simply patronize them. i recentely split from my fiance because her mother and i engaged in a heated argument about religion as she is a newly discovered catholic(oh there is nothing worse). to make matters worse i was unrelenting. so, yeah. here i am on saturday night 3 nights after the breakup with my fiance because i spoke my beliefs and explained to her mother the bible was a collection organized not by jesus christ but by a group of... yada yada.... and hus her ideas are yada. so, yeah. trust me
  12. Hades


    immortality.... in essence, i am everything. i would have infinite time; the knowledge i accrue would become seemingly endless, although not completely. but this would also require my loved ones to pass on. With the price of living forever, i could choose the perfect person to spend her life with, never feeling that i need to expedite my life choice on who to be with. and after all this time making a choice, i would fall in love with them, and they would eventually die. This could happen infinitely and each time i would be as affected because love is an emotion that doesn't grow weary. sounds like so much freakin fun. id like to live until 500... yeah.
  13. I really dont like to add excess/unnecessary posts, but perhaps this is a hoax much like the website on human meat, http://www.manbeef.com , it was shut down so dont bother clicking it. That website went into such intricate details on the subject i was convinced it was real without any doubt.
  14. someone should tell Alex Chiu about telomeres. maybe the magnetism will prevent nucleotides from being lost (OOoo)
  15. and saw electric clams! I never saw, or even heard of such a species of clam! It was a rapid flicker of blue electricity streaming inside the clams shell. Amazing!
  16. i have black hair, green eyes and white skin. i am german and irish, although i tan very easily ironically.
  17. stop the press on those evolution books! wow. i'm convinced. what you and your teacher are doing is abridging a multi-billion year process into a short period of time and then try to understand how something so exponentially difficult and complex can happen. U think of primordial proteins followed by the development of Jill, your next door neighbor, then attempt to understand it. No, we have to see it in steps due to the size of its explanation. What youre doing is trying to understand 'war and peace' by reading the cover. If u have the chance to take a comparative anatomy and zoology class (or to a lesser extent bio 102), u will begin to see the evolution of every ponderance u have. I am not certain, but pretty sure some of the most basic nerve tissue is a nerve cell called a cnidocyte found in jellyfish. There is an increase of encephalization moving onto flat worms with nerve cords, ganglia and ocelli. it goes from there, and u begin to see how the function of each benefited the organism at the time of their evolution. The most exciting is watching early chordate evolution! It sounds like your teacher is speaking with a bias already, dont let his views influence yours, form your own opinion based on how you deduce the knowledge youre given.
  18. Will hpv (genital warts) show on a papsmear if no cutaneous warts are visible ?
  19. halitosis = listerine antihistamine
  20. Recently my s/o changed from an anti-perspirant to a natural lemongrass deodorant (they dont work) in hopes of eliminating aluminum molecules from her body. Ive heard of this before and i know the definitive answer is still unclear, but i was wondering what everyone here thinks on this matter
  21. when i was 12 my parents told me when at the age of 4, we were walking to the house from our driveway and the looked up and saw a ufo only a few hundred feet off the ground. so.... yeah
  22. During my semesters of creative writing mandatory from college, i had a great prejudice for the class. It was my experience that the two teachers i had were the stereotypical pretentious notebook carrying latte drinking at starbucks for 8 hours a day on the weekends because it offers free wifi connection english teachers. My first paper was an 8 page persuavively driven paper about the limitations of morals and their effects on science. I felt it was the best written paper i had to date; the writing staff also agreed with me as it was required to spend 4 hours a week with the separate writing lab. However, the teacher did not feel this way. I received a grade of I, for incomplete. She felt it was not gradeable. Her reasoning was i needed to convey my message to the reader; speak as though the reader has no predisposition to the material. Confounding her belief was not only the writing staff, but another english teacher i got an opinion from. I finally concluded she felt it as a personal attack on her intelligence and simply conformed to boring monotony required to pass the class; the next paper was on eating disorders... like everyone else. But, this correlates to this problem in the sense that when i took two years of literature, depending on the teacher, it can really open your eyes. If the teacher who lectures to you is passionate about the material, it seems he wants the students to also feel the same; uninhibit yourself when deciphering dickinson, or on a lesser extent, become literal when reading frankling. Teachers like this have no insecurity about their own abilities and never feel threatened by outside opinions on the readings. That is a good teacher, and with that your writing and analyzing tactics will significantly grow. sorry for the long post. cheers :edit: who the hell is frankling "franklin"
  23. Why is it called p.m.s.? Because mad cow was already taken :-/
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