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  1. im not very well versed in technology; i know the basics of office and computer usage. i recently discovered defragging.... anyway, if i wanted to start my own forum with vbulletin, just how do i go aboot doin this? I know i need to purchase the vbulletin software and whatnot, but after that and a server and such, im not too certain.
  2. Hades


    So, with backcrossing, how am i able to determine which gene the locus is on? Is the gene of interest going to be expressed with only genes that are not present on the chromosome the gene is on? for example, if i had chromosomes 1 and 2 and wanted to know which chromosome mutation black was on. breed the two parentals, then cross an F1 with the parental female. The resulting offspring produce phenotypes, of these, black mutation is present only with certain phenotypes and alone with itself. If this were in drosophila, how do i interpret these results?
  3. oh i will be getting the ps3.... final fantasy 13 will be the game of games.
  4. Hades


    oh panini dont be mad i forgot you. a sandwich on focaccia bread is hands down the epitome of a sandwich. all sandwiches long to be in between two warm pieces of focaccia. well, ciabatta is usually warm tho i've little preference among them
  5. Hades


    I think all too often the praises of sandwiches are humbled. Places like subway and the like have lost the classic aspects of a sandwich. So i wanted to create this thread devoted simply to the art of sandwiches. the best food next to tacos. so, discuss, and build your favorite sandwich. nothing pretentious like pickled galvanized nails on sourdough. so, sandwich: Boiled ham, roasted peppercorn turkey with havarti dill cheese on seeded jewish rye topped with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, spanish onions and a jalapeno mustard. or mayonnaise pending the mood. I want to hear your sandwiches for inspiration!
  6. a sandwich. nothing compares to a nice sandwich.
  7. dont know where the smell is coming from. its almost a lemon-like, but sour smell. its on my lab partner. shes cute. . .
  8. this is the best rant ever! the pussification of men has enveloped many (fags) guys. it aint cool to dance.
  9. as it says, would it cause that person to smell odd? perhaps the medication required after its removal?
  10. you MUST go to jose texas (think tahts right) on i think route 1, or 9. great mexican food!
  11. Hades

    Genetics help.

    i find it hard to believe this question is a freshman biology question. the answer is 40. cross Dd x dd and the resulting cross is 50%
  12. I feel its necessary before marriage. If i found out my s/o washed her socks in the sink with urine, thats something i need to know before we wed
  13. Im left handed. My g/f is also left handed. If we were to procreate, what are the chances of any children being left handed? We can assume that her and i have this 'c' gene they speak of. Even if the child was homozygous for the 'c' gene, im assuming it would still be 50%?
  14. I also want to note that a relative of mine follows this mans every word and as a result has stopped applying sunscreen on his young children, who also surf. very off today. i also need to add, his 'theory', because its been clinically tested at the university of snake oil, states the cause of skin cancer is from sunblock.
  15. This is what Kevin Trudeau says. Cancer is caused by parasites, he proclaims. Ironically, he says do not use microwaves b/c they cause cancer, but bask in the sun all you want. And i've had pre-cancerous moles removed because of exposure from the sun from surfing, so i know they cause them.
  16. I just wanted to put this out there and get some responses on this 'theory'. by sun, i mean exposure to the sun.
  17. glucose - 1 phosphate to udp glucose. is the enzyme udp glucose phosphorylase or is it udp glucose pyrophosphorylase? Discrepancy between lecture and and online sources. Wikipedia says its the latter, my notes say it is the former.
  18. i dont care who they chose to place atop atheists. sephardic jews for all it matters to me.
  19. yes were wrong to them, but the degree to which were wrong is the most concerning one. listed lower than a muslim? i didnt rally the troops with my atheist buddies and level financial buildings. to them i did. and then some. and its this sentiment they have that troubles me. how this situation evolved into its current state is upsetting as well. it can be pinned on politics and a politicians requisite to appear honest, moral and worthy of admiration. People think the 'human' is removed from someone who is a non believer. Thus that person couldnt handle a country. Although at this point the sandwich i had for lunch could handle this country.
  20. From a telephone sampling of more than 2,000 households, university researchers found that Americans rate atheists below Muslims, recent immigrants, gays and lesbians and other minority groups in “sharing their vision of American society.” Atheists are also the minority group most Americans are least willing to allow their children to marry. http://www.ur.umn.edu/FMPro?-db=releases&-lay=web&-format=umnnewsreleases/releasesdetail.html&ID=2816&-Find
  21. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Spaghetti_Monsterism sketti's. ha.
  22. What percentage of side chain group of histidine that is in basic form at 6.5 have if the pKa for the side chain is 6.0. how is this done?
  23. No jokes or punchlines, which is fine. and i understand his dry humor, but its not funny. its very forced, like some of colbert's humor. altho at times it seems colbert pulls out of that shit and shows genuine emotion instead of that apathetic demeanor.
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