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  1. Nobody has ever observed an electron in the same way that you considered the table to be directly observed. You don't actually need to use the exact words in order to make the proposal. If you want reliable answers to your questions, then this necessitates that your questions are built on reliable assertions and premises. At the moment several of the more qualified members of the forum are pointing out why this is not currently the case. It might be beneficial to examine those assertions and premises carefully.
  2. Yes, you are playing a game. The game you are playing is "let's be speciously selective", and Swanson just gave a perfectly adequate example of how you are doing it. Whether or not you would personally characterise this strategy as a game doesn't really have any bearing on how game theory works.
  3. You didn't need to say it. You're playing exactly the same game we have seen a hundred times before. Nobody who has started that game on SFN has ever won it.
  4. Emilio, the occurrence (or not) of speciation is not dependent on your approval. http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/faq-speciation.html#part5
  5. Scanning the last few posts of this thread one would imagine that this ruling means daily, federally-mandated sodomy sessions will become compulsory for the religious. I'm pretty sure that's not what was being discussed but since public perception was apparently some kind of issue then it would be remiss of me to not mention that the impression is that the thread is going off-topic.
  6. Get over it and finish your damned shower. We need you to go and shoot some people.
  7. This isn't a religious or philosophical discussion.
  8. Sayonara


    Klaplunk, the post you provided was not approved because it did not address the question. If you have forgotten the question, it can be found in post #25.
  9. I think we need a bold to Elvish translator.
  10. Waiting for Pioneer to define the natural limits of gay. And also to discover resource partitioning in ecological interactions.
  11. Sayonara


    Please provide some observed evidence which conforms with the proposed formula (Gravity + Light)^2 = Universe. No member of staff will approve your comments in this thread if they do not contain a valid response.
  12. In future please be advised that it is sufficient for you to make one post report in the relevant topic, and the matter will then be looked into impartially and in detail. It is not helpful to report more than one post for the same reason, post comments to staff profiles, or open public threads where you criticise our moderators for offending your sensibilities.
  13. If you take the long view and intend to upgrade your system around the chassis and motherboard at later intervals, then yes desktops work out cheaper. Upgrading the HDD, GPU, CPU, and memory in laptops is very expensive per unit performance, compared to desktop components.
  14. With regard to photos, it's likely your camera's autofocus is trying to lock on to faint reflections on the side of the tank. This is difficult to get around with compact cameras, but you could try getting hold of a circular polarising filter (Cirpol) for an SLR and experiment with this in front of the lens. One of the jobs of a cirpol is to reduce the effect of reflections prior to the light hitting the imaging sensor.
  15. I'm sorry nec209, but you will have to clarify your post before I can answer it. I am not sure I understand the sentences.
  16. Stop wasting internet ink.
  17. Sayonara

    god word

    Stop wasting internet ink.
  18. You can't separate out homosexuality from sexuality. The former is just one particular expression of the latter.
  19. The surfeit of research on the causes and mechanisms of sexuality. Sigh.
  20. Maybe you should look at the research (the material provided by iNow would be a good start) then re-evaluate your position. I strongly suspect that were any psychiatrist even remotely interested, they would agree.
  21. I guess I'll put the first $20 in then. Anyone else?
  22. Quite a lot of contemporary research flatly contradicts your opinion. No it isn't. That definition would include groups such as the blind, the deaf, paraplegics, etc. If you are going to try and argue by definition, make some effort to get the definition right. That sounds like it has come from someone who doesn't have a lot of sexual experience, to be quite frank. Not that it really matters since anecdote and opinion aren't scientifically persuasive even with the weight of personal experience added on top. Fail. Sorry.
  23. Can you point to one of these documented instances?
  24. Sayonara


    This is the speculations forum. Which of your assertions and or questions are a speculation?
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