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  1. it is not a fact, just like every single other theory - nether of those is correct or wrong - and we will never really know, except the person who actually travels - ha cant return to the same time to confirm anything. Altho we can hope for someone from other timeline to visit us while we can hope to become a part of the new branch with him in it.
  2. its is original for the the timetraveler - yes it could be and offspring or even a branch of thousandsof other branches. But the point where the traveler starts to travel and the time he remembers is the "original" for him. Original time most likely is the very beginning if there even was a such a fixed point. These "offsprings" aint really bad - they are different and simply contain some some of the line they were created from. You cant say that we are any worse since we are overall a outcome of our ancestors (eg the originals in that case). Time travel rules .. lol - just a compilation of theories - u can never take any "rule" granted and completely solid. There is always a possibility that things are different. The research into subatomic particles etc might end up changing the fundamental laws of physics - what would the 110% sure scientists say then?
  3. he meant that if time travel exists, why dont we know about it already or so (since anyone from the future could travel back to our time) - Thats what the whole theory in the link helps to avoid - including any of the Grandfather paradoxes etc. There is no solid proof or anything about the fact that you can only travel to the point where ya first used the timemachine - its just another theory not a granted fact. Problem with theoretical ideas is that everyone seems to only take the ideas that have been widely released/ in news and only by the most known scientists by granted - they said so and no other way is possible!!! The whole idea is actually a completely different approach.
  4. did u read the link? If the guy who would travel pack in time to give us timetravel would try that.. he would create a alternate version - thus since we havent got timetravel our timeline has never been part of that yet - in fact we could be part of the chain of events where we always seem to get the side that wont get the timetraveler. It may have happened 5 min ago, but the timeline split and the one where we know it didnt happen got the original line, not the branch.
  5. just what i though posts in the style of "there is no way the earth in round. IT is flat -until proven otherwise - but that must be wrong and fake too". ur telling me that u cant divide nothing... did u even read it? Was i dividing nothing there?
  6. http://estfuture.blogspot.com/2010/07/time-travel-theory-in-english.html Got the idea somewhat again at nigh time when i couldnt sleep, so i wrote it down - there are lots of similar ones but does any of them actually see it that way?
  7. http://estfuture.blogspot.com/2010/07/dividign-with-zero-theory-in-eenglish.html im not a math genius or teacher or anything. I dont know if anything similar has ever been done or not. But that's what i wrote down... i just simply got that idea in the evening/night when i couldn't sleep and so i wrote it down. Any thoughts, or hints to same work or pointing out flaws in it welcome (besides the posts that are just going to respond that u cant divide 0 - guess ur still 100% sure that earth is flat too).
  8. well we havent abandoned mars/moon mission nether. There is a ongoing plan to get a man to the moon by 2012 and also starting with a lunar base to train for mars mission in further future. Id say there is just as much stars in the galaxy as there is sand grains on earth. Chemichal propulsion aint good for outerspace probing. Best currently used propulsion is ion - with no friction it can accelerate slowly and reach high speeds or solar surfing. We should start with proper outer-space missions when we can get to moon and back in 2 hours.
  9. Anyone has actually any idea what type of volcano is it? nuclear winter wont happen most likely. Super eruption, id say. Most of magma chamber gets emptied fast causing caldera to collapse into empty chamber, not that much ash... but well USA gets a lot of beating + massive tremors that you can feel pretty much everywhere + might trigger more eruptions elsewhere. You dont really need to remove any magma to relieve pressure, its dissolved gas that might form bubbles - and hot gas bubbles want to get out.
  10. Also if you have noticed, it is possible to generate music too, by changing resonant frequencies i assume (never looked in depth into it) - so not all arcs generate same pitch noise. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3cc_1182393477
  11. Create artificial tubes to regulate pressure. also at the same time build a network of pipes/tanks around that tunnel/tube to heat water and use it to generate steam for turbines?? excess material gets transported away into some abandoned open mine - to fill it? etc. Or even use it to supply hot water to consumers? Releasing pressure at constant rate cant create a Big Yellowstone Bang - it would need pressure to build up first.
  12. well for you, inside ship, 1 gallon per hour is used. For others it depends how much slower time is for you, if its 10x slower then for those in normal time it would take 1/10 of a gallon per hour.
  13. Like make a (fictional) field in which time is lets say slowed down by 10 times. You can see through the filed. Inside you have a clock and outside there is a clock(stopwatch) too. Lets look at that clock from outside the field for 10 hours. What do you see in 10 hours? Only that clock inside shows 1 hour have passed by. Now monitor that clock from inside for 10 hours. You see that after 10 hours, clock outside - 100 hours have passed by. Still, even if you are inside or outside that field, physically you feel no difference xept seeing through field how everything moves faster or slower. We know that we can slow down time this way - what about speeding it up? Like generating a field(fictional again) around you when u got shot by a gun. You see the bullet outside field, frozen and you can move away from its path and resume normal time?
  14. It reminds me a episode of Andromeda where they met a old earth ship... for the crew only some years had passed by.. 10 or so. tho they were lost and sent out to explore thousand years ago(if i remember right).
  15. or it gets trapped in the center of the inner core and regardless of its radius of destruction wouldnt matter much. Due to earths pressure inward, matter will be forced inside black hole and over long long long x10 time it grows, more it grow the faster the rate of matter swallowed increases so soo nwe have black hole instead of earth Or if ur lucky enough you get a black hole with 0 momentum, very low mass would let it just float and its going to evaporate
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