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  1. Klaynos gf) Only to those who read the Internet and not the book the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts- wherein Dr. R. O. Faulkner is very clear and differentiates between corn and other grains 1.) they give to him barley, emmer, (a wheat), bread, and beer 2.) the Imperishable Stars in the north of the sky, who rule over offerings and protect the reaped corn 3.) (from the Book of the Dead) I will eat it under the branches of the tree of Hathor my mistress, who made offering of bread, beer and corn gf /
  2. Here is a website that correctly identifies the fraction with the glyph, but I cannot confirm the association with the Pyramid Texts that is suggested thereon http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi/noframes/read/165246 In Robins & Shute's The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus (p 14) they state that the progression is represented by the equation S = 1/2[1-(1/2)^6]/(1 - 1/2) Where S = the first term I don't agree with that because it does not agree with the statements in the defining ancient text, nor does it clearly define the missing 1/64! Another progression would
  3. Klaynos gf) Yes that is correct Klaynos gf) I don't understand your question! Are you asking about evidence relating to the symbols and fractions? Or about planetary accretion? Jupiter and The Eye of Horus is also about planetary accretion, but the thread got so entangled with other stuff that it never really developed. In my opening statement I wrote that I wrote that (even tho they are both about planetary accretion) because the Eye of Horus is Egyptian while the Wedjat Eye is not
  4. Klaynos gf) The glyphs are the symbol for the fraction that is displayed. By example, the circle in the center is the glyph for the fraction 1/4. The icon as a whole represents a process The process depicts planetary accretion You might respond negatively to that suggestion - but that is what it is - believe otherwise and it'll remain a mystery for another 1000 years
  5. Let me understand this correctly - you want me to solve a 5000 year old mystery for you because you ask - while you give nothing? All anyone has to do is start solving it. Until I told you - you didn't even know it had a solution, you didn't know it had a parallel in an ancient text, you didn't know it wasn't Egyptian. All anyone has done is demand that they be given something for nothing - and to give it to them before others have had a chance to think on it I even told you what book and on which page it could be found (p 14 of Gay Robins & Charles Shute's The Rhind Mathematic
  6. Sisypus gf) Sisypus, have you ever read the book, or are you guessing? Dr R. O. Faulkner clearly makes the distinction between corn and grain (barley is written 17 times, and emmer, a wheat is written 13 times ) - and I don't have to guess to say so And this mural clearly shows a corn field gf /
  7. DJBruce gf) Not without giving some worthy person the chance first - but like all truly ancient material the solution is in the ancient literature gf /
  8. DJBruce gf) Think of it this way -- If you'd had anything constructive to say - you've had two chances to say it
  9. This is the way it is – all the respondents on my Eye of Horus and celestial grid posts professed to know more than Dr. R. O Faulkner, author of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts - So tiring of the constant Internet superiority gig by folk here that never read the book, I decided to post something that isn't on the Internet. If they can solve it than good for them Perhaps, on the other hand, it will draw some professionals and we can have a decent Internet free, accusation free, conversation about a real mystery that has a real solution gf /
  10. The Wedjat Eye of Horus is not a lineage of the Eye of Horus - nor was it Egyptian. If you add the fractions, they add up to 63/64. This has an been an enigma for thousands of years. We see the first instance of this unique pre-pyramid age Icon on p 14 of Gay Robins & Charles Shute's The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus ISBN 0 7141 0944 4 The why of the missing 1/64 can be solved - as a friend and I solved it years ago
  11. OFF CELESTIAL GRID TOPIC FOR A MOMENT Cap'n you once asked me about a solar orbital forces project that I'd been involved with. It was a fascinating study and answers a lot of questions that are otherwise ignored If we can open a thread and keep the subject focused I think you'd enjoy the experience
  12. Cap'n you once asked me about a solar orbital forces project that I'd been involved with. It was a fascinating study and answers a lot of questions that are otherwise ignored

    If we can open a thread and keep the subject focused I think you'd enjoy the experience

  13. sisyphus gf) Dr. R. O. Faulkner was the leading modern British authority on the progressive stages of funerary texts and it's in his books that we find the word corn, he clearly distinguishes it from emmer (a wheat) and barley -- and it‘s on the ancient Egyptian murals that we see it reaped (i.e., harvested) The Internet error between emmer and corn was clearly a typo sisyphus gf) I've quoted Dr. R. O. Faulkner's Pyramid Texts to demonstrate that the first instance of heliacal rising and celestial grids was made over 5000 years ago and that their structuring of it is no
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