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  1. ...otherwise, we wouldn't be studing chemsitry
  2. It won't work, as some people can submit an answer multiple times
  3. Is this similar to active uptake in plants, only with water?
  4. Hehe... look more like a homewrok question to me!
  5. A priest and a cab driver die, and they find themselves on front of St. Peter. St. Peter says "Ok .You both are going to heaven". He takes the cab driver to a mansion with everything and anything the cab driver wanted. He could get an olympic sized swimming pool, or a gigantic TV, anytime he wanted it. Next, St. Peter takes the priest to an old shack. It had a bunk bed, and a small TV. The priest says "St. Peter, I think you have been mistaken. Shouldn't I get the mansion, since I have preached and told people about our religion?" St.Peter replies "During your sermons, everyone was asleep. But, during the cab driver's driving, everyone was praying!"
  6. hmmm... its a very longical explanation. Thanks alot LucidDreamer!
  7. But I have checked with an irline cargo staff, and they say that most cases of dogs being put in the same cargo hold with coffins go made, and therefore they are not allowed to do it. The only explanation the airline has is the scent of the dead body. What do you think?
  8. Ok, thanks for that! NOW CAN ANYONE ANSWER ME MY QUESTION??? Its really weird. My father told me that it is true and it is part of training for people who load cargo onto the aircrafts!
  9. Well, when you said the wallpapaer settings, that is where it is. You should have just said wallpapers!
  10. When I say mad, I mean that it has lost its mind forever! Your pet dog will go mad if it is put in the same cargo hold with a coffin!
  11. The dog isn't going to be in the coffin! IT is but it the same cargo hold with the coffin!
  12. The wallpaper? Right click on your desktop, and click properties. Then, click the desktop tab!
  13. Hi there! My father had just told me this yesterday. He said that he wanted to know why this happens, and said that you guys would know. So, here goes nothing: When people are trained into loading aircrafts with weird goods e.g. acids, mercury etc. , they are taught that they should NOT load a coffin with the dead body inside with a dog. It is for sure, that when the flight lands, the dog would go mad. This is always so. Even though the coffin is sealed, air-tight, the dog would go mad. Why does this happen?
  14. I knew you would like it! Its a science forum isn't it?
  15. There is a physics student, a biology student and a chemistry student standing near a pond. The physics student says "I will dive underwater to measure pressure". The biology student says "I will go down there to discover a new form of plant life". They both jump into the water. 1 hour later, they haven't arrived. THe chemistry student says "Both students are soluble in water"!
  16. Please do. I can't read this thread wih my mother standing behind my back!
  17. aommaster

    Maths teaser

    I beleive ancient people used to use something like this, and they were able to measure from 1-40
  18. Too much to think about, eh? YT? [Edit] This is way over the top of my head!
  19. A boy comes home from school and the mother asks "What did you learn today at school?" The boy replies "Not enough, I have to go bakc tomorrow for more!"
  20. A lady steps into a police station with a balck eye. The cheif asks her "What happened?" She replies "I got punched in the face. There was a sound outside, in my garden. I came out looking and I got hit!" So, the police cheif, personally, goes to investigate. 2 hours later, he comes back with a black. The lady asks "You got hit by the same person?" The police cheif says "No. I stepped on the same rake"
  21. I know, I know! And the keyword here is 'well'. I think that should be interchanged with 'Amazing'!
  22. A daughter goes ot her father and asks "Daddy, do all fairy-tales begin with 'Once Upon a Time'?" The father replies "No, there is a whoel set that begins with 'If elected I promised'!"
  23. Phi, what do you do as a job? You would be great as a stand-up comedian! Really!
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