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  1. Its gone now. But, you could give and take away points depending on your OWN reputation. A person with higher reputation points could give or take more reputation points from another person, than someone with a lower reputation. It kind of filters out the goodies and the baddies! So you know who to listen to!
  2. Even though the outside is dry, the inside would have been heated up and the ant would be killed. The microwaves can penetrate through the ant's body.
  3. )) It was a spelling mistake, that really made it funnier! I meant beaten up!!1
  4. yeah, I think the writer seemed to have changed it. I think they are only questions from end of term tests or something. GCSE questions would rarely ask questions of those sort, ESPECIALLY the English one! It always asks for an essay on something!
  5. Man, are you trying to get us eaten up or something )))
  6. If these are real answer, then, I would REALLY be amazed how students could survive these exams!
  7. We have gone into languages have we? ) I was just asking about a language, and now this thread has become a LANGUAGE discussion! Nice! ))
  8. Wow! I know how to make fun of people in Japanese! ))
  9. Hi! Just out of curiosity, what does KONNICHIWA MINASAN!!! and MINASAN WA BAKA DESUYO!!!! mean? Just asking!
  10. lol! i always thought that the original name was buckminsterfullerene. I never thought that there would be the word 'soccer' in a scientific name
  11. I don't think it is anywhere near. Its in the shape of a ball IIRC
  12. Flash would be the best. It can use animation, and is easy to use. I would go for flash!
  13. if you had all the time in the world! Scratching just means making a tiny 'trench' on the surface. This means that some of the atoms have been rubbed away. So, if you had all the time in the world, you could, in effect change it to dust!
  14. ... The bonds all meet at equal angles and are of teh same size. There are no 'weak points' . This way, it makes the diamond very hard. But, the other form of carbon (Graphite) is pretty soft. This is becuase there are strong points and weak points. The weak points are always the first to break!
  15. oh! By the way, what is the scale called? I forgot it!
  16. If I were given I diamond, I would think that I was dreaming!
  17. So, are they the hardest natural rocks AND substances?
  18. I already have that on my website Its the one that cracks my mother up!
  19. yeah, it just depends on how much sulphur dioxide and trioxide was there in the first place. The more sulphur trioxde, the more sulphuric acid.
  20. I've seen that many times in food. But I never knew it was sulphur dioxide! But, doesn't that do damage to the body?
  21. That can't e possible as Sulphur dioxide is a gas. If it is put in running water it will turn into sulphurous acid. However, if the sulphur dioxide oxidises into sulphur trioxide, then sulphuric acid would be formed.
  22. Is negative mass similar to dark matter, or is it something totally different?
  23. It also depends whether hte sulphur DIOXIDE has oxidised to form sulphur TRIOXIDE. That would either give you H2SO3 or H2SO4 respectively.
  24. should be. Everything in theory seems to be difficult ))
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