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  1. Well yeah. But, it is a way of destroying diamonds. Nuking it would destroy it becuase of the temperatures that can be produced.
  2. aommaster

    try this

    Yeah, I think it depends on the way that you write a 6. If you start on the middle, and go clockwise, it won't happen. But, for people like me, I start at the top, and my leg has to change direction to write it.
  3. Or, you could put them under extremely high temperature and make them turn into carbon dioxide! DONT try this at home, I don't want to be paying bills for people foolish enough to try it and say "aommaster told me too!"
  4. Sayonara's humour! We just have to live with it
  5. This is really confusing! And yes, I am tking the stance that 0.99999 does NOT equal to 1
  6. Yeah, yoga is often used in stunts where people hold their breath.
  7. Nope. No matter how many zeros come before the one, it will never equal to zero, it will just get closer
  8. A small number that ends with something like 0.0001 for the answer to 1-0.9999. The numbers just get smaller as the number of nines increases
  9. Its a complex formula called the Product moment correlation co-efficient, or PMCC If the formula has been implemented correctly, you should get a value from 1 to -1. -1 means a PERFECT negative correlation and +1 means a PERFECT positive correlation. When I say perfect, I mean that it is a straight line! This is the link to it: http://www.mnstate.edu/wasson/ed602pearsoncorr.htm
  10. Well, its of a similar level. Year 11 basically!
  11. I would go with 26-50 years. People have already made bookings to go to the moon! It costs about $750,000 to take a trip to the moon. This signifies that going there would come in quite a short amount of time!
  12. Do you mean trips to the moon and mars? Or total tourism, like building things on the moon?
  13. But, isn't it the same standard and level? When did it replace it?
  14. I knew it had to be with something that I hadn't learnt yet!
  15. To add on to that, LCD screen only have one resolution where they work best. Any higher or lower than that, and the image quality is not that good. You can see this in action on laptop screens, windows displays and error telling you that. I high resolution doesn't really mean that the imasge gets sharper, is just that there are more pixels on the screen per square inch. This could increase the sharpness and it gives you a larger screen area, but in return for that, it is smaller, and more eye straining.
  16. yeah. I think this is going to become one of the hottest and longest threads on the science forums!
  17. Sodium hydroxide as a solid is the pure thing. It actually is a solid. When reacting it with water, it forms sodium hydroxide solution. It's not a liquid until you melt the solid. So, the liquid part is sodium hydroxide dissolved in water The simple reason for this is because it is too reactive. Certain metals don't react with water because they are not reactive enough. This metal is just too reactive, so, it reacts vigorously with water! Not sure exactly what you mean by steadily in water.
  18. Yeah, I totally agree, the bigger the forums are, the less attention people get! Its pretty good. A good number of members (even though some never come on!).
  19. yeah. of course, part human.....
  20. no probs. I thought I was wrong when looknig at it!
  21. Isn't it two parts hydrogen one part oxygen?
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