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  1. don't worry about the maths here. I'm unable to understand most of them too. or it takes too much time to go into them.
  2. These spams and bots are getting more advance, got fooled by them. How did they evade the Captcha ? I've been suspicious of such posts too, and avoided replying to those that have a link.
  3. I see red. When I was a teen, I give respect to people by hearing them when I was approached by anyone. Nowadays, I don't even look at them. They say they just want to discuss religion and chat, but their motive is to convert others. They are not interested in two way communication. This also goes to the financial plan promoters if they appear at subway stations, Don't make eye contact with them. They target teens and almost anyone actually. but for teens, peer pressure and being subtly intimidated by more senior students, wanna get some hazing? or maybe the teens want to get into the good books of these seniors. Regarding publications, some people are just distributing pamphlets about their religion, while some have used comics that depict other religions in a bad light. example, Chick Publications comics which info can be found on wikipedia . A few religious people has been distributing the comics door to door targeting people outside the faith. This may make some people angry. I look at a few examples by google, and it seems not much actually, but maybe there are more impressive ones which I haven't seen. <br>
  4. I think the teacher thread starter need to keep it simple for the kids, sometimes they do not need to know about some stuff at the primary school level. These questions do make me think a bit. So you have a wire circuit, and a current flows in it when you on a switch. When the current flows, it generate electromagnetic waves around it. This EM radiation is a form of energy radiation. More specific, how will you say it ? This is a bit complex for me. Photons ? or some particles ? When you off the switch, the EM wave is not detected anymore, (I think). There is this electronic tool, that is a non contact ac/dc meter. It is like a test pen. You just need to touch the cable on the outside or just point the tip near to the cable. If a current is flowing, it will be able to detect it. Quite cool, unfortunately, the one I have couldn't detect voltage lower than 12v. I would think this tool make use of the principle that an EM wave occurs with a flowing current, to detect and measure it.or if it not, pls say so anyone...<br>
  5. edited : Doesn't matter, I started this thread too fast. <br>
  6. I've planted a few trees and various seeds of plants. If that counts for anything, haha... The seedlings were planted 10 yrs ago, but till now they are still no more than 2m tall. I might have planted them on hard ground. A few were eaten by some people, they went for the heart of palms. We chinese have a saying," A man plant a tree , the next generation can relax under its shade. " 前人载树,后人乘凉 Its a time waster though, the government have plans for every patch of land. Trees get bulldozed.
  7. Cool story. I think in history articles, it is said that moscow was saved by the winter or something, and the nazis didn't account for the winter in the attack. I didn't check though, may have remembered wrongly.
  8. Some articles said that the birds are suspected to have died from blunt trauma. Due to the bird flu scares in some parts of the world, the occurrence of numerous dead birds could indicate some problems. Bird flu test should be quite fast by now, but they didn't mentioned bird flu, so most likely it isn't bird flu. Since they mentioned fireworks, I speculate the fireworks produce pollution, thick smoke with some toxic compounds in the haze. Fireworks are regulated, so the chance of toxic compounds may be low, however you'll never know if some experimenters decided to try some new stuff for better effects. or a faulty batch that happened to contained some highly toxic impurities. This haze could have been thick enough, that the birds in flight became unconscious due to lack of fresh air. When they fell from heights, that crash landing on hard surfaces caused the blunt trauma. The fish death are said to be unrelated to the birds, however by extension of my speculation, the toxic compounds entered the water after some fireworks upstream, and promptly caused a temporary anoxic condition in the water killing some organisms, and it snowballed like a chain reaction killing more fishes. Another speculation is odd weather patterns. This year's weather seems particularly harsh and maybe the weaker birds were killed in harsh winters.
  9. skyhook

    volunteer labor

    I think volunteer work , like internship, probably have a chance to lead to more permanent employment. I've just applied for a post of conservation officer at the local Parks and nature reserves managing organisation, which is a semi independent organisation with links to the gov. They have volunteers working for them. and I've a feeling that volunteers are going to have an edge, if we are applying for the same post.At least there is something interesting on the resume. The organisation did not say so, but just a vague statement that volunteers are entitled to some benefits. Religion volunteers going from door to door spreading religious ideas is some volunteer work. I've also known that a local monastery need volunteers to sort out some donated items, electrical appliances and such. They are into recycling too. I've heard that many moderators in internet forums do their work for free. If I have a software product or just some goods related to some hobbies, I'll setup a forum, and have some volunteers around to help hype the products and ideas.
  10. Translation software are not skillful enough to translate some languages. A recent deleted post, by a chinese poster about "paint in the bridal chamber" could be another example.
  11. Surprise surprise surprise. I'm absolutely right about this mind altering drug alright. The thread starter didn't name names, you all came out and identified yourselves. I can't understand the logic you guys put forward. but I realised that it is of no use arguing about it with those deep in the culture. well, there are people who refuse to do drugs because they're illegal ! When there is smoke, there is a possibility of fire, although we don't see the fire. The gov made the decision years ago, backed by medical advisers. Sometimes you don't need to do it to know if the result is true. Sure it doesn't kill out right, but like a virus, the most contagious virus doesn't kill the host, but weakened it , enabling the virus to spread. If it is bad for the government, usually in terms of economic considerations, the gov will take actions against it. Is it good or bad to do drugs in the first place ? If bad, surely good governments will say it is bad. Political parties that seek popular sentiments is pandering to the crowd. Logical thinking parties with sound policies are more worth supporting. This situation the west is in now, is probably due to failure in drug policies, porous borders , which now they decided that they can't police it but put it on damage control. Another thing that is odd is that you guys argued legalising drugs to stimulate the economy. In the history of the world, opium is traded to china. England sold india's opium to china, yeah it must be good for england's economy, ruining families elsewhere. The same is tobacco, medical people have established it as bad, but some countries are exporting it to developing nations, earning immoral revenues. I'm slightly naive for saying this. LOL.. You guys are so deep into this, that it has become the norm, and it mean nothing, So what ?? right ? The pop/rock/etc bands popularied some cultures. Some fans of such entertainers probably take up their ways of life. Lots of news reports of entertainers going in and out of rehab, and some went away. Not marijuana, but other drugs. I'm saying the drug culture. You guys have lax views regarding drugs. Without the coorporation from citizens, the governments are fighting futile wars against drugs. Again is drug good or bad ? I've the feeling some of the more liberal guys here feel drugs is ok. You save money on jail maintanance, but spend more money building more rehab facilities. eh... save a penny but pound foolish.. I understand there is a international treaty regarding drugs. The countries that participated promised to criminalize perpetrators. If drugs are bad, you need deterrence. Without deterrence, does it even work ? maybe, maybe not. but , you can lower the sentences if it is too stiff, heroin and cannabis are different. or maybe some enforced social services. However, I'll have to say that I've not encountered marijuana. On a movie, Drew Barrymore ate a special cookie at a party, and she went on stage dancing, and use a feather boa to do some unthinkable moves. I guess that is the popular perception. no inhibition. Those with daughters have to be worried.
  12. one possibility is the starting ((( one of the ( is not closed.
  13. I'm thinking concrete tree. It can be quite realistic, except the leaves. Potted plants can be placed at some parts. As for real trees, I would think very few will fit the requirements. indoor conditions varies , different light levels.
  14. The stance destiny took is right in my opinion. This is a mind altering drug. Now if you say you can make revenue via tax, the government will be indirectly making immoral money off people, and I would not approve of this if I were you. Two wrongs don't make a right. I've seen alcohol addiction in my family. I've not encounter marijuana use as it is illegal, so it is rare. We also know from history how opium affected people and society, but I suppose opium is alot more addictive compare to marijuana. There are differing opinions regarding its benefits and dangers,While some say it inhibits some disease, there are also articles saying that there are indications that it has cacinogens and other stuff. Many governments have ban this drug. but my idol, Kareem seems to have a legal prescription for the drug. It probably have medicinal use, same as morphine in terminal stage cancer patients. so I suppose I'll support its use in medicine but not in recreational use.
  15. skyhook


    I suppose the spores of the fungus is present in the house on dropped hairs and such, so I suggest the steaming type of vacuum cleaners to clean the house, but I do not know if it can solve the problem. I've not kept cats before... you may need to treat the cats all together. and treat the fleas and mite if any. I found two articles. http://mypets.over-blog.net/ http://www.mycology.adelaide.edu.au/Fungal_Descriptions/Dermatophytes/Microsporum/Microsporum_canis.html
  16. Uploaded with ImageShack.us It has been several months. The seeds grew into seedlings. I think the pros might be able to get their plantlets this size at a much shorter time. I'm satisfied that I get them to this stage. The flasks are not vented. It is said that ethylene build up inside and the seedlings will be affected. I did several flasks. I used the charcoal tablets for most flask, and have two flasks without using charcoal tablet. The ones with charcoal grew better in comparison. Probably the charcoal absorbed some stuff, and there could be some substances in charcoal that promote better growth, phen* something. But the seeds to pinhead-size protocorms stage can probably use less or no charcoal. sorry about the lousy pics. I guess the next thing I can do is to vent the flasks, haven't figure that out yet. Cotton plugs and aluminum sheets. The last time I tried, the aluminum sheet covered bottles all got contaminated.
  17. I think I should take back what I said about "Just a handful of bright students" . I mean to say that that is a small sample size, and I have a distrust of statistics. Have you ever speed through some surveyors' questions ?
  18. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/graphic/2010/12/06/GR2010120607984.html http://news.sciencemag.org/scienceinsider/2010/12/shanghai-students-world-champs.html?ref=hp This is in the news yesterday, Shanghai 15yrs old students highest score in tests. In my opinion, this is not an indication of the general population, but just a handful of bright students.
  19. Your last paragraph is still not to the point. I thought you are supposed to compose something about either of these - (science,non-science, and pseudoscience) ? If that's the case, you should leave out the pseudoscience findings. I don't understand about non-science, I suppose it may be some culture stuff. and you should leave that out too. But if you want to write about pseudoscience, then you should leave out what the scientists say and any non-science findings. I think we don't eat raw meat do we ? except beef and sushi perhaps. Raw meat have a lot of parasites in them, got to cook it. there are exceptions to the rule that raw vegs are good. Some scientists say that cooked carrots are better. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2000/09/000904124728.htmSome vegetables have some irritating saps that only be neutralised by cooking it, eg yam.
  20. skyhook

    Low RAM

    I searched for defrag harddisk, and came across defrag RAM. It never occured to me to defrag ram, maybe you can try to download a free software to do that. free software isn't always safe though.
  21. maybe unplug your printer cables from computer, start up your computer and remove printer driver software from the control panel of the computer, and restart again without printer for the computer to register some status, and shut down computer. Connect printer again and start up the computer. Some printers seems to be plug and play, but if driver is needed , you can go to the manufacturer's website to download for free. To isolate if the problem is coming from printer hardware or computer software, you can try connect the printer to another computer, and see if it works there or same error.
  22. I'd say my programming skills sucks, don't listen to me, but just to say that you can maybe take a look at the if else statement structure, maybe you can include { } and ; at some parts. http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/action_scripts/actionscript_dictionary/actionscript_dictionary196.html
  23. I think eat more vegetables and fruits. beet juice seems popular, there may be side effects.
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