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  1. A future breakthorugh tech, however way ahead of our time, or not with the way technological advances are progressing, it is projected that we will discover and do more feats this coming century then mankind has done in 1,000 years. Since we are expontentially expanding our knowledge we never know when this stuff might be possible: everything from liquid computer processers to engines that convert light from stars to energy to speeds far greater than 1,000,000 miles per milliseconds, great things are possible, but sadly man will make new laws that limit themselves until new breakthroughs come. My question is how far is a useable technology using particle physics. Now as for fusion power that might be possible, meaning we might have a working one somewhere on earth thats fully functional around 2017, where talking about possiblities such as producing 1 billion megawatts of power per hour and being able to power 100 million office buildings for a year to being able to go around 2 to 3 million miles per hour, making mars a 3 or 4 day trip, this should be possible in as little as 15 to 20 years, how far do you think we are away from fusion power. Be mannerful.
  2. trying to get on my feet.

  3. Wells thats a theory, mention that, dont put extra trouble on yourself, and don't be a smartmouth.
  4. Prowler it seems you trying to start problems very quickly, not only does your response have nothing to do with countering my statement, its juvenile, if yuor going to respond to someone, have something worth typing if your going to participate. Funny... Well our gregorian system is based on how the earth revolves around the sun and other factors, what your trying to do is create a system that is not only nonsensical but by next week our world would be in chaos, the current system we have is perfect, theres a spiritual and physical sense to time, which I will go over later, thanks for a post thats worth answering.
  5. MR. Science


    Who is this teacher,where do you live,what school do you go to, this will tell me a lot, since it might me what region your in...
  6. This is not true, people vary, some people will never be good at math like others, it really is a gift of favoratism, since math requires a lot of energy and time to study properly.
  7. Well GOD created Science, not the church or the state, science is the understanding and process of how things work or how to make things work, which is what God is all about, remember men cannot create, only make, we still have yet to make anything with life in it, Dont believe anything else, science is a truly divine concept.
  8. Just lets make sure its strcictly professional, nothing personal and it should be based on the fact that its not on what you disagree with and if it truly belongs in another category.
  9. Well first of all we need to cut the billions of years stuff out of the conversation, most people on this forum hasnt been around 60 years, so how can we say something is billions of years old, all we know is its old, real real old, and no something can be qaudrillions of light years away but only 25 human years old.
  10. This is a question that no one can honestly say they have the answer to, we don't know.... period.
  11. Well lets get this straight and clear and this is the last time im going to say anything about this topic again on this forum, the time travel crap needs to stop, time is a living force, very constant and has been here before you and will be here long after the bugs have eaten your corpse, time cannot be manipulated, you would have to make dead people be reborn and redo all there deeds over again and people would have to go back and replay everything they did from long ago, and as for future travel we cannot do that bvecuase we have yet to reach that point in reality, we cant skip and fastforward reality, and we cannot redo or be in a time that was before, time cannot bbe manipulated which is what you guys are trying to speculate, just like we cannot add a year to our lives or stop drinking water or something with the same chemical makeup and expect to live much longer, God has put absolute laws to limit mans influence on certain things, and as for the so called proof of time travel through the high speed airplanes; thats nothing more than your brain messing with you, you have not traveled through time, thats called a time lapse, lets live in reality here and grow up, take time to get your stuff in order with relatives, famiy, and friends before its too late because time keeps ticking.
  12. Your askinq a question about a theory, so just be mindful of that, and its not the best theory or most senseful theory out there, just the most popular, so just remember that; this is evolution that im talking about, proceed... Anura you are my first candidate for buddyship, thats some profound truth right there my brother, if a scientist cant admit that something is wrong with that scientist.
  13. Well lets not forget that this is just a theory, lets not talk like its a proven fact, like so many people and so called scientists do these days, just a reminder here.
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