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  1. Here's a thought experiment involving quantum suicide. Now let's assume I put a loaded gun to my forehead. I then pull the trigger, but I do not die. This is because two realities branch off, one in which I die, the other in which I am still alive. Of course, I don't recommend you take a gun to your head in real life and try to prove or disprove this theory, but it's an interesting theory, nonetheless. Check out this video on it (you may want to turn up your speakers):
  2. Because I'm bored and didn't know you didn't want me to do that?
  3. Here's something I'd like to start doing. Everyday I will post a discussion in which we discuss and share opinions on important figures of past and present. Today's person is Che Guevara, what do you think of him? Che Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader, diplomat, military theorist, and major figure of the Cuban Revolution. He traveled the world to preach communism to whom he believed to be oppressed peoples. He was captured and later executed in Bolivia by a joint CIA-Bolivian task force. After his death, he became an international
  4. He shouldn't have been going through his wife's e-mail, but in my opinion this should be more of a moral problem than a criminal problem. In other words, he was in the wrong, but he shouldn't go to jail or go to court over something so stupid.
  5. I think that cell phones shouldn't be banned for truck and bus drivers. I don't think we should descriminate against someone just because they drive a truck. However, I believe that the trucking companies should be allowed to decide whether or not they want to permit their truckers to use cell phones while driving or not.
  6. I don't know who's worse, the terrorists or the dad. I think there are a thousand other ways the father could have handled the situation, all of which would have been better than murdering his own daughter. What do you think of this? Is the father a hero, a villain, or just misunderstood?
  7. Most people in the world disapprove of the concept of school uniforms existing in public schools, despite this, a few individuals (primarily lower-class individuals living in England) approve of the concept. So let's just take a moment and look at the pros and cons of school uniforms. Why school uniforms shouldn't ever exist in public schools: -Students work better when they are able to choose their own attire. -This is one thing that separates public schools from private schools, since private (often religious) schools have them, and public schools don't. If you want your son/daug
  8. School uniforms are sluttier than what teens actually wear. Fact: There is no legitimate reason for school uniforms to exist. Myth: School uniforms make everyone treat each other like equals. Let's face it, school uniforms will never happen.
  9. Before anyone says "it's just clothing that you're forced to wear against your will" then you sir are a fool. "it's just clothing" "it's just a curfew that effects everyone" "it's just surveillance cameras in public" "it's just getting patted down at airports" "it's just censorship of 'unsavory' media" "it's just the government controlling the press" "it's just the right to hold supposedly 'bad' people without charging them with a crime" Where does it end? It won't ever end. If we give them an inch, they will ruin America even more so than it already is. The government wants for the
  10. Thank god school uniforms don't exist in most schools in America. I realize a couple Catholic/private schools have them. But if they ever hit public schools, there will be an open rebellion against the federal government of United States. A rebellion that will result in massive loss of life. Taking away the right to dress freely in American high schools and junior high schools is the line that we the people of the United States of America draw. Our Founding Fathers gave us the right to bear arms to prevent totalitarianism and rebel against our government if need be. I hope it doesn't come to a
  11. How is it impossible to have both?
  12. I'm sure most of you have heard the phrase that the only people who support marijuana legalization are people who smoke it. While that is in fact true, atleast for the most part, I still don't understand the potheads. Sure, they want it to be legal so they can get their fix, and continue using harmful and illegal substances (which wouldn't be illegal if they had their way). Most people are opposed to legalization of illegal drugs, but I just don't get why some people think it's a good idea to make it legal? People who say "it puts innocent people behind bars" are idiots. Innocent people don't
  13. It's a miracle, simply a miracle, the first man ever cured of HIV: http://gizmodo.com/5713498/man-officially-cured-of-hiv
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