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  1. don't worry about the maths here. I'm unable to understand most of them too. or it takes too much time to go into them.
  2. These spams and bots are getting more advance, got fooled by them. How did they evade the Captcha ? I've been suspicious of such posts too, and avoided replying to those that have a link.
  3. I see red. When I was a teen, I give respect to people by hearing them when I was approached by anyone. Nowadays, I don't even look at them. They say they just want to discuss religion and chat, but their motive is to convert others. They are not interested in two way communication. This also goes to the financial plan promoters if they appear at subway stations, Don't make eye contact with them. They target teens and almost anyone actually. but for teens, peer pressure and being subtly intimidated by more senior students, wanna get some hazing? or maybe the teens want to get into the good b
  4. I think the teacher thread starter need to keep it simple for the kids, sometimes they do not need to know about some stuff at the primary school level. These questions do make me think a bit. So you have a wire circuit, and a current flows in it when you on a switch. When the current flows, it generate electromagnetic waves around it. This EM radiation is a form of energy radiation. More specific, how will you say it ? This is a bit complex for me. Photons ? or some particles ? When you off the switch, the EM wave is not detected anymore, (I think). There is this electronic t
  5. edited : Doesn't matter, I started this thread too fast. <br>
  6. I've planted a few trees and various seeds of plants. If that counts for anything, haha... The seedlings were planted 10 yrs ago, but till now they are still no more than 2m tall. I might have planted them on hard ground. A few were eaten by some people, they went for the heart of palms. We chinese have a saying," A man plant a tree , the next generation can relax under its shade. " 前人载树,后人乘凉 Its a time waster though, the government have plans for every patch of land. Trees get bulldozed.
  7. Cool story. I think in history articles, it is said that moscow was saved by the winter or something, and the nazis didn't account for the winter in the attack. I didn't check though, may have remembered wrongly.
  8. Some articles said that the birds are suspected to have died from blunt trauma. Due to the bird flu scares in some parts of the world, the occurrence of numerous dead birds could indicate some problems. Bird flu test should be quite fast by now, but they didn't mentioned bird flu, so most likely it isn't bird flu. Since they mentioned fireworks, I speculate the fireworks produce pollution, thick smoke with some toxic compounds in the haze. Fireworks are regulated, so the chance of toxic compounds may be low, however you'll never know if some experimenters decided to try some new stuff for bett
  9. skyhook

    volunteer labor

    I think volunteer work , like internship, probably have a chance to lead to more permanent employment. I've just applied for a post of conservation officer at the local Parks and nature reserves managing organisation, which is a semi independent organisation with links to the gov. They have volunteers working for them. and I've a feeling that volunteers are going to have an edge, if we are applying for the same post.At least there is something interesting on the resume. The organisation did not say so, but just a vague statement that volunteers are entitled to some benefits. Religion vo
  10. Translation software are not skillful enough to translate some languages. A recent deleted post, by a chinese poster about "paint in the bridal chamber" could be another example.
  11. Surprise surprise surprise. I'm absolutely right about this mind altering drug alright. The thread starter didn't name names, you all came out and identified yourselves. I can't understand the logic you guys put forward. but I realised that it is of no use arguing about it with those deep in the culture. well, there are people who refuse to do drugs because they're illegal ! When there is smoke, there is a possibility of fire, although we don't see the fire. The gov made the decision years ago, backed by medical advisers. Sometimes you don't need to do it to know if the result is true. S
  12. one possibility is the starting ((( one of the ( is not closed.
  13. I'm thinking concrete tree. It can be quite realistic, except the leaves. Potted plants can be placed at some parts. As for real trees, I would think very few will fit the requirements. indoor conditions varies , different light levels.
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