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  1. I've been learning Java for almost a year now and I have gotten into Java 3D. Although I only have one problem, I cant find a single website or book that can teach me how to make something like a First Person Shooter (FPS). I've tried using a lot of sites and If anyone could give me a link or some information that could help me. Please do. I mainly want to know about how to work up to making an FPS and even somewhere to learn how to.
  2. I am having the error: "1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before not." in a line of my code: if (((mc_shootLaser.x > mc_enemy.x) && (mc_shootLaser.x < mc_enemy.x + mc_enemy.width)) !! (mc_enemy.y < mc_shootLaser.y){ mc_enemy.y += 1000 } Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  3. I am having trouble with my code, the code is: { var num1:Number = 0.5; if(num < num1) mc_enemy.y += 20 num = Math.random() else mc_enemy.y -= 20 num = Math.random() } And it shows the error, "Error 1083: Syntax error: else is unexpected", Does anybody have any suggestions?
  4. Thanks for the article and your explanation. I appreciate it very much. P.S. I'm still only a junior astro geek.
  5. The Universe is constantly expanding and as a consequence some very distant stars are moving away from us at speeds greater than the speed of light. This means that these stars will never be seen by us. If the Universe stopped expanding, or worse, started shrinking, the radiation from those distant stars would reach us. This is the case for every point in the Universe. Would the Universe be destroyed along with the Earth and all of humanity?
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